So…I played my Tau ‘knight’ in a few games before the new codex dropped, along with the new Gargantuan Creature known as the Storm Surge. I took an immediate dislike to the model (aesthetically and, perhaps more importantly, financially). After playing in a tournament without fielding a Storm Surge, I decided my Tau need one. So, here I am, re-envisioning the ‘knight’ as a Storm Surge:


16 missile pods represent the Storm Surge’s rocket launchers. 4 seeker missiles (new style) on drones represent the 4 Destroyer missiles.


The twin-linked Burst Cannon and twin-linked Smart Missile System.


A closer look at the Destroyer Missile Drones (just made that up) and the rocket pods.

Thanks for looking!

Got a chance to put the ‘Knight’ on the table (play it) AND to stand it next to an actual Crusader. Not too shabby. Pic makes it pretty obvious that it will give up a lot more AV12 Side Armor shots than the official Knight.

side by side with crusader


So, when I started building this, the Knight Crusader didn’t exist. This is my attempt: The main gun is either the rapid-fire battle cannon or the thermal cannon. The heavy burst cannon is the avenger gatling cannon (side note: Word Press thinks ‘gatling’ is spelled wrong). The air-fragmentation thing (that no one ever takes) is going to be the heavy flamer for the time being. I’m thinking about using flamer bits to convert something more appropriate. And the missile pods are the heavy stubbers.

Does it work? Good enough? In case you’re wondering: Yes, it’s sitting on a trivet on my stove top. Best light-box ever?



IA13 has me excited about finishing up my Noise Marines, the “Iron Horse Warband”. I plan to add a Chaos Fire Raptor and a Chaos Sicaran. To call the list complete (I plan to take it to the 1500 point Highlander at AdeptiCon in March of 2015), I need to build and paint a unit of Iron Horses to accompany the lord, and finish painting two units of Noise Marines and a Heldrake.

The Chaos Lord’s mail remains to be painted, and there are details to add to the powerpack and the Iron Horse:




Come on feel the noise!


Quick post of my Fire Dragons:

Mostly done.

Mostly done.

Another angle; mostly done.

Another angle; mostly done.

Done (where 'done' = 'I'm done working on them).

Done (where ‘done’ = ‘I’m done working on them’).

Close up of one of the 'done' Fire Dragons.

Close up of one of the ‘done’ Fire Dragons.



Yeah, I’m one of those guys. I hired some shady (even for Dark Eldar shady) mercenaries that just happen to be in possession of a Webway Portal…. You may notice that I really only have 3 paint schemes…this one is yellow/red/black. I’m not a very good painter. 😦

The Archon (I’m going to do more work on the sword):




The Warriors:



And the Venom:




Tau Crisis Suit(s) WIP

June 11, 2014

Quick post to document progress on the three Crisis Suits for my Farsight list. Each arm is magnetized and they all have a magnet in the left shoulder. They were in a bit of sad shape when I got them, and I had to do some violence to make the conversions, so they’re anything but pristine. Their backstory is they’ve not had time to stop at a car wash and get detailed.


The ‘waist’ was converted as with the first Crisis Suit I did. I also added some ‘fins’ or extra maneuvering jets, or whatever to two of the new ones from, guess where…the Falcon sprue!



And, ‘Come at Me, Bro’. The knee-pads are Stealth Suit shoulder pads.



The third one has all the communications gear.



They should all be painted within the next two weeks. So far it’s just a spray paint basecoat of Army Painter metal (chainmail? /shrug) and a wash of Nuln Oil.