I am totally supposed to be painting Warp Spiders for a tournament this weekend. Here’s a fine example of 40K ADD:




So many odd bits lying about… >.<



Quick post of my Fire Dragons:

Mostly done.

Mostly done.

Another angle; mostly done.

Another angle; mostly done.

Done (where 'done' = 'I'm done working on them).

Done (where ‘done’ = ‘I’m done working on them’).

Close up of one of the 'done' Fire Dragons.

Close up of one of the ‘done’ Fire Dragons.



So, here’s my latest bit of silliness:


And another angle:


I’ll be adding streamers to it and maybe a bit here and there. Painting is still WiP.

You know those Shuriken Cannons that come with the Wraith Knight models? The ones you’ll never use? And you ever just paint the canopies on your Falcons (and Falcon variants) because you don’t feel like gluing and painting the pilot? Well, I am glad to say that they make GREAT conversions for Jet Bikes!


Like I’ve said before, I get a good portion of my models in really cheap ‘job lots’ from Ebay and then do my best to bring them to tabletop quality. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, it doesn’t cost me too much. The rider for this¬†particular Jetbike conversion (restoration? remodeling?) is made up of: head and torso from a Vyper gunner, arms and ‘steering wheel’ from a Falcon pilot, the legs from a guardian, and some green stuff. To fit the steering wheel I removed some of the jetbike’s hood. The rest was relatively simple to position and glue in place.


The Shuriken Cannon upgrade was a snap: I clipped off a small portion from the undercarriage of the jetbike and cut/shaved the back end of the Shuriken Cannon. The shape matches the nose of the jetbike pretty well. To keep it in place, I used three (3) 1/8″ magnets (1/16″ thick, I think). The third magnet is just a filler to keep the Shuriken Cannon level. I dry fit the pieces to see where the three magnets would fit best, then glued one to the cannon. Once that set, I popped the other magnets on, put a drop of glue on the third one, held it in place on the jetbike and sprayed it with activator (I tried just holding it in place until it set, but that didn’t work).


I also decided to salvage a conversion bit I made a while ago for an Autarch with Swooping Hawk wings. That model never got finished, as it was never going to see table time anyway. This one will have a decent chance to.


The gryphon was cheap and a simple head-swap makes a pretty cool Exodite Autarch (on a jetbike!). I will also be converting the lance.


Finished a Striking Scorpion Exarch the other day. The rest of the squad to follow:






As per usual, this was an eBay rescue project. It was originally modeled with the two-handed chain sword and subjected to a more-than-liberal use of superglue.

New Wave Serpent

January 3, 2014

Been busy painting. Here is a Wave Serpent I finished today:

Wave Serpent Compressed Pic 2

The turret and Shuriken Cannon are magnetized, as is the flying base. The canopy didn’t quite go the way I wanted, but the rest of it is all right.

Wave Serpent Compressed Pic 1

This brings me to 3 Wave Serpents and 4 Falcon chassis. Go go Mechdar….

Autarch Painting WIP

December 23, 2013


20131223_132625Another angle:

20131223_132649Straight on:

20131223_132708That’s all for now.