Finished all-purpose ‘Sniper’ (Illic Night Spear, Vindicare, Eldar Ranger)

August 1, 2015

This mini brought to you by 40K ADD! I had bits lying about and didn’t want to paint anything that was actually supposed to be painted…. Here’s what he looked like to begin with:

sniper 2


Sniper 1

As you can see, he’s comprised from all sorts of random bits! I made a ‘belt’ above his actual belt to help marry the torso to the legs (legs don’t have a socket for the torso to sit in, so I had to fill the gap. Here’s what he looks like finished:



I played him as a Vindicare last week and one-shot Ezekiel (the Dark Angels guy) when I hit him with a Turbo-Penetrator round and he declined to Look-Out-Sir and then failed his Invulnerable! 🙂

And here’s how he looks in terrain:





2 Responses to “Finished all-purpose ‘Sniper’ (Illic Night Spear, Vindicare, Eldar Ranger)”

  1. Ibushi Says:

    Pretty cool! Where is that head crest from?

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