March 16, 2015

Took three spawn from ‘not-so-much’ to ‘pretty much done’ in just a couple of days. Matte varnish still to come. At some later date, I will be doing the white glue + Tamiya red thing to have them sloshing around in rivers of blood. They’re supposed to represent either cultists ‘blessed’ with Spawnhood or failed Warpsmith experiments (using cultists as guinea pigs).











5 Responses to “Spawn!”

  1. gameoftravel Says:

    I like it. kind of skavenish;)

    • sparebulb Says:

      Ah yeah I can see that. 🙂 If I had ever played Fantasy, it was going to be Skaven. Love me some rats. Well, or Chaos, love me some Chaos Knights too.

  2. Wudugast Says:

    Nice work! I’ve always found the thought of making spawn particularly challenging but I think you’ve got the madness just about right. I think GameofTravel makes a good a point about them looking Skavenish, it’s the combination of mechanical monstrosity and biological horror that does it!

    • sparebulb Says:

      Thank you. I think that it is important to keep some symmetry (or balance, if it’s asymmetrical). Aesthetics apply even to Spawn, right?

      • Wudugast Says:

        Aesthetics are vital on spawn (in my opinion). It’s part of the reason I think they’re actually pretty hard to model; too little chaos and they don’t look like spawn, too much and they look like a walking heap of bits, with no sense or cohesion. Somehow that madness looks much, much better in a piece of 2d art than in a model. In a miniature it’s a far harder balance to strike (possibly why I’ve shied away from making any spawn myself so far). You’ve made a pretty good job of it though 🙂

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