In order to flesh out my Noise Marines, I decided it was time to get a model that could serve as a Bloodthirster (if summoned), or a Daemon of Slaanesh if my Chaos Lord is ever lucky enough to get that result on the Boon table.

In my research of other conversions, I was incredibly impressed by this model, by cyborgakadjmoose

Daemon Prince of Khorne converted from Ultraforge’s Pleasure Demon.

I don’t plan to put any of Khorne’s iconography on my model. I do plan to convert her weapons (am contemplating making it so they can be changed out) to properly reflect those of a Bloodthirster (double-headed axe and whip).

Thus far (still very much planning and very glad I have blue-tac):

Shooting for a gladiator look.

Shooting for a gladiator look.



Still fiddling with the bubbies.

Still fiddling with the bubbies.



Thanks for looking! 🙂