‘Iron Horse’ Chaos Lord WiP Update

December 13, 2014

IA13 has me excited about finishing up my Noise Marines, the “Iron Horse Warband”. I plan to add a Chaos Fire Raptor and a Chaos Sicaran. To call the list complete (I plan to take it to the 1500 point Highlander at AdeptiCon in March of 2015), I need to build and paint a unit of Iron Horses to accompany the lord, and finish painting two units of Noise Marines and a Heldrake.

The Chaos Lord’s mail remains to be painted, and there are details to add to the powerpack and the Iron Horse:




Come on feel the noise!



2 Responses to “‘Iron Horse’ Chaos Lord WiP Update”

  1. Respect for pulling off the yellow. I still find it one of the most daunting tasks of the hobby.

    Like the conversion too, interesting idea there.

    • sparebulb Says:

      Ah thanks for the compliment! I wouldn’t consider it exactly ‘pulling off’ the yellow. At least it’s not as muddy/mustard brown as most of the other yellow I’ve done. 🙂

      I’ve received feedback that there’s too much yellow (needs to be broken up), so I’m planning to add chevrons (or some other heraldic device) to the back panels on the mount. I was already planning to do more work on the lord’s mail & leg armor.

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