Dark Eldar Archon, Warriors & Venom

November 20, 2014

Yeah, I’m one of those guys. I hired some shady (even for Dark Eldar shady) mercenaries that just happen to be in possession of a Webway Portal…. You may notice that I really only have 3 paint schemes…this one is yellow/red/black. I’m not a very good painter. 😦

The Archon (I’m going to do more work on the sword):




The Warriors:



And the Venom:





2 Responses to “Dark Eldar Archon, Warriors & Venom”

  1. Yellow is a very difficult color to work with! On your models I think applying a light shade to recesses (not all over-washing) could work wonders, especially on the skin and the armor joints I recommend using the Citadel Carroburg Crimson or similar color shades.

    The reds on the vehicles have created an interesting pattern. Well done!

    • sparebulb Says:

      Thank you for the advice. I have to admit that my ‘yellow’ technique is lacking. I’m usually angling toward a ‘dirty’ look because I find it easier and faster to paint and I happen to not like ‘pretty’ models. 🙂

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