Tau Crisis Suit(s) WIP

June 11, 2014

Quick post to document progress on the three Crisis Suits for my Farsight list. Each arm is magnetized and they all have a magnet in the left shoulder. They were in a bit of sad shape when I got them, and I had to do some violence to make the conversions, so they’re anything but pristine. Their backstory is they’ve not had time to stop at a car wash and get detailed.


The ‘waist’ was converted as with the first Crisis Suit I did. I also added some ‘fins’ or extra maneuvering jets, or whatever to two of the new ones from, guess where…the Falcon sprue!



And, ‘Come at Me, Bro’. The knee-pads are Stealth Suit shoulder pads.



The third one has all the communications gear.



They should all be painted within the next two weeks. So far it’s just a spray paint basecoat of Army Painter metal (chainmail? /shrug) and a wash of Nuln Oil.


2 Responses to “Tau Crisis Suit(s) WIP”

  1. Drew Says:

    How you do the conversion what did you use for waist n crotch ? thanks

    • sparebulb Says:

      I used the ‘star engine’ bits from the Eldar Falcon/Fire Prism sprue. Glued the bits together and let them set up, then cut it just above the ‘waist’. I clipped the ‘flap’ off of the back but left the one on that sits over the crotch. I used the one I clipped off to layer over the crotch plate and help marry it to the chest. I kept the tiny ‘half-flap’ bits (really struggling for good descriptive words here) and used them to dress up the hips. There is also a small gap in the back that needs to be addressed. I used the small shield generator bits for that.

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