So, Markerlight Drones are rare beasts and what self-respecting Tau commander equips Crisis Suits with flamers? I’ve seen other (very good) conversions done with the Pulse Carbines, but they’re a bit too involved. I think these do the trick:


This is one whole flamer, with the end of the barrel drilled out (a little). The ‘fuel cell’ was removed and placed on the other side of the drone. Not sure if it was necessary or not, but both pieces of the flamer bit are pinned to the drone.


I made one with the little mounting pegs still sticking out from the bottom part of the drone body, but it was too wide. I made the other three (got two more or so to convert up) sans the pegs.


As I was putting these together (and mourning the lack of Missile Drones in Fire Warrior units), I had a thought: FLAMER DRONES! [Available to Fire Warrior units only?] These would surely be the bane of Orks everywhere. If this ever becomes I thing, I want to get credit for it.


Tau Crisis Suit(s) WIP

June 11, 2014

Quick post to document progress on the three Crisis Suits for my Farsight list. Each arm is magnetized and they all have a magnet in the left shoulder. They were in a bit of sad shape when I got them, and I had to do some violence to make the conversions, so they’re anything but pristine. Their backstory is they’ve not had time to stop at a car wash and get detailed.


The ‘waist’ was converted as with the first Crisis Suit I did. I also added some ‘fins’ or extra maneuvering jets, or whatever to two of the new ones from, guess where…the Falcon sprue!



And, ‘Come at Me, Bro’. The knee-pads are Stealth Suit shoulder pads.



The third one has all the communications gear.



They should all be painted within the next two weeks. So far it’s just a spray paint basecoat of Army Painter metal (chainmail? /shrug) and a wash of Nuln Oil.