Frontline Gaming/Tablewar Gaming Mat

April 29, 2014

This is a snap from my ‘old’ (as of 3:10 p.m. CST on April 29, 2014) playing surface. I had built my own table and put a 1/8″ layer of cork on it to reduce noise and add texture. It worked well enough.


The gaming mat is a fantastic and dramatic improvement over my cork (it really is a giant mousepad), well done! Like all good things, it makes the things around it (like my mish-mash of terrain pieces) look better than they really are! [Edit: Also, the drawstring bag is simple, but serves its purpose. I look forward to taking this mat with me when I travel for games.]





Now my Eldar can defend their dead world from the despicable Adeptus Astartes, the uncouth Noise Marines and (soon) the pesky Tau, in style….


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