WIP: Eldar Sky Shield Landing Pad

April 5, 2014

20140404_201812Got an itch. I have not played a flyer in my Eldar army a) because they’re paper thin (wafer thin) and b) because they might not come in on turn two. I like to have most of my army shooting from turn one; it’s what Eldar are good at, right? So…Stronghold Assault + Sky Shield Landing Pad + Old Falcon Chassis (unused, reused, reclaimed) = maybe I’ll by a flyer. [EDIT: So, I don’t own Stronghold Assault, and now I’m hearing the rule only applies to fliers with a ‘hover’ mode; time to ally in a Chaos Heldrake, amirite?]

Here’s what I have so far: The standard Sky Shield is about 105 sq”. I like the Wankel shape (he didn’t invent the shape, just used it to make an engine), so I did some research and found the formula for calculating the area. That gave me a radius (and equilateral triangle side) length of 12 3/16″. Close enough for government work. The Falcon chassis is almost 3 1/4″ from the exhaust to the ‘front’ where the Sky Shield will rest, which is just a little shorter than the standard one. I will be re-creating my super-cheap ‘clear’ defense line for the barriers.






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