This is a snap from my ‘old’ (as of 3:10 p.m. CST on April 29, 2014) playing surface. I had built my own table and put a 1/8″ layer of cork on it to reduce noise and add texture. It worked well enough.


The gaming mat is a fantastic and dramatic improvement over my cork (it really is a giant mousepad), well done! Like all good things, it makes the things around it (like my mish-mash of terrain pieces) look better than they really are! [Edit: Also, the drawstring bag is simple, but serves its purpose. I look forward to taking this mat with me when I travel for games.]





Now my Eldar can defend their dead world from the despicable Adeptus Astartes, the uncouth Noise Marines and (soon) the pesky Tau, in style….

Warp Spiders!

April 6, 2014


Put the finishing details on 8 Warp Spiders today. Their Exarchs are still bare pewter at the moment (who needs Exarchs anyway?).


I am wondering if, even though the rest of the army has the bases trimmed in this ‘camel’ brown, I should go darker, with a walnut brown or something. On the one hand I want the models to look like they blend in with their desolate surroundings. On the other hand, I want them to ‘pop’. /shrug


20140404_201812Got an itch. I have not played a flyer in my Eldar army a) because they’re paper thin (wafer thin) and b) because they might not come in on turn two. I like to have most of my army shooting from turn one; it’s what Eldar are good at, right? So…Stronghold Assault + Sky Shield Landing Pad + Old Falcon Chassis (unused, reused, reclaimed) = maybe I’ll by a flyer. [EDIT: So, I don’t own Stronghold Assault, and now I’m hearing the rule only applies to fliers with a ‘hover’ mode; time to ally in a Chaos Heldrake, amirite?]

Here’s what I have so far: The standard Sky Shield is about 105 sq”. I like the Wankel shape (he didn’t invent the shape, just used it to make an engine), so I did some research and found the formula for calculating the area. That gave me a radius (and equilateral triangle side) length of 12 3/16″. Close enough for government work. The Falcon chassis is almost 3 1/4″ from the exhaust to the ‘front’ where the Sky Shield will rest, which is just a little shorter than the standard one. I will be re-creating my super-cheap ‘clear’ defense line for the barriers.