WIP: Tau Crisis Suit Conversion

March 16, 2014

I’ve started building a Tau army. I can’t stand the crisis suit models (who can?), so here’s my attempt at a conversion:

This, I can live with.

Come at me, bro?

The head is a Razorback optic piece. The ‘hands’ (I don’t care about finger counts) are from a CSM Heavy Bolter and the blade is the broken tip of a CSM power sword. The shield bit from the sprue now sits on his rear.The torso is…a Star Engine–or is it a Vectored Thruster? I honestly don’t know. I have two more bits (hip plates) to add and two more magnets to install (left shoulder and right forearm). The left arm is already magnetized. I realize that the base is too big, but once I spread his legs into a decent stance I didn’t have enough room. I’ll have to problem solve (battlefield debris is a good go-to, right?) for how to get it back onto a 40mm base without having it look more dumb. Since this conversion is so easy, I will look at repositioning the jet-packs on future conversions.


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