Fire & Ice 1850 Tournament Report, Round Two: Eldar v. Necron

March 9, 2014

Round two sees me paired up with an odd (not wraith-wing, not croissant spam) Necron list on a virtually open table, in a progressive (cumulative, really) scoring mission (score points for each 1/2 turn you control an objective, starting halfway through turn two).

As we’re reading through the mission and I’m asking questions about his list, I go from being deeply concerned (for no good reason) to very relaxed. Outside of his Monoliths, there is nothing that can touch AV12. [EDIT: I was aware that he could glance on a ‘6’. All that meant was the Serpent Shield’s ability to downgrade penetrating hits was useless. It also informed my resolve to shoot down his destroyers asap.] So long as I keep my rear hatches pointed off the board, there won’t be much he can do. Also, unlike the first round where I didn’t shoot the Serpent Shield for two turns, I know I’ll be able to start laying on the S7, Ignores Cover, Pinning brokenness that is the Serpent Shield (I only have three in the list, so I don’t feel guilty at all). He brought a destroyer lord (with a rez orb, or whatever it is that makes it easier to get back up), three units of destroyers (5 in each), three units of warriors (two smaller ones and one big blob) and three monoliths.

  • Primary Mission: Progressive (Cumulative) Take-and-Hold (4 objectives)
  • Deployment: Vanguard Strike
  • Warlord Trait: Entirely forgettable
  • Night Fighting: No
  • First Turn: Yes!
  • Length of Game: 3 turns (My opponent capitulated at the end of turn 3)
  • Result: Win

Now, a few things happen that really throw the game my way: First, I win the right to choose my deployment zone (it’s Vanguard Strike, so it’s kind of important, since one corner of the table has literally no terrain in it) and force my opponent to set up without the benefit of (much) cover. Second, there is no Night Fighting. Third, although he wins the roll to go first, he defers. And fourth, he puts ALL of the monoliths in reserve, meaning that, on turn one, there will be nothing on the table that can threaten any of my vehicles.

Turn One Highlights: I waste no time twin-linking the Fire Prisms and proceed to annihilate his destroyers, taking out the units to the left and right of the one his Lord has joined. I put wounds on four of those destroyers, but two get back up (leaving him with 3 destroyers and his lord). Being able to unload the Serpent Shields on turn one, with total abandon, is exhilarating. I recommend you try it sometime. He shuffles his warriors up so that they hold an objective. His lord and the remaining destroyers limp forward a bit and I think he shoots at something, the Wraith Knight maybe, but only does one wound (still not making saves) .

After my part of Turn One.

After my part of Turn One.

End of Game Turn One.

End of Game Turn One. There were 5-Man units of Destroyers deployed to the right and the left of the Destroyer Lord’s unit at the start of the game.

Turn Two Highlights: A unit of jet bikes comes on, so I decide to throw them out into the middle of the board (like a bone, or a snack, or whatever) since I have so much more firepower than he does. I move the spiders out of the little trenchwork and unload both units of avengers. The majority of objectives where in a little ~12″ triangle, and both mine were in/near cover, so I could reasonably count on holding two and either contesting or shooting him off the others. My shooting is super-effective; I kill the destroyers and put the Lord on the ground (he gets back up). I almost shoot the warriors off the objective on the right side. The jet bikes turbo-boost onto the middle objective, so I score 3 points to his 1.

His turn two is total disaster. He tries to drop a monolith into the back corner (I admit I pushed forward and therefore exposed rear armor), but it scatters off the table…and is destroyed (he rolled the ‘1’ himself). Since two of the monoliths came on, he drops the other one where the first one was supposed to land, it is on target. He teleports one of the smaller units of warriors right into my backfield and lines up on one of my prisms. His warriors on the right side shuffle around the objective again. The Monolith misses or fails to do anything with any of its shots, and the warriors fail to get a single glance against my prism. His Lord charges my jet bikes but only manages to kill one, and they make their morale check! Amazing. I score 2 points to his 1, with one of the objectives contested by his Lord.

End of Game Turn Two.

End of Game Turn Two.

Turn Three Highlights: My other jet bikes come on and I deploy them on the right side, to support the Scythe Guard serpent. I decide to put prescience on my Lolseer and guide on the nearest prism. I warp-jump the spiders toward the warriors in my backfield and position the Wraith Knight to charge either the warriors or the Monolith. For security, I swing the prism and a serpent around, as well as re-positioning the avengers to have range on the warriors. On the right side, I obliterate the warriors holding the objective, but decide not to claim it for myself (yet). I shoot the prism at the monolith but roll a ‘1’ to pen. The spiders, wave serpent, and avengers combined fail to kill all the warriors (taking out 9 out of 12 maybe?), but they do break and run. I didn’t shoot the Wraith Knight at anything, so he’s free to charge the Monolith. The spiders charge the fleeing warriors, who fail to regroup and are cut down (more bad luck). The knight punches the monolith so hard it explodes…killing two of my Warp Spiders (who make their morale check). The Lolseer charges the Lord to see if he can swing the fight, but whiffs. The Lord puts a wound on him, but he doesn’t run. I earn 2 points to his none.

My opponent’s third (and last) monolith comes on, and it, too, mishaps. This time it’s merely ‘misplaced’ so I stick it in the corner all the way on the right side of the board. With his Lord locked up in combat (that he will probably win eventually, unless my knight can get over there), a blob of warriors with no real way to contribute to the fight and a monolith stuck out in the middle of nowhere, my opponent decides to concede. I ask him if he’s sure, and then ask if he would confirm with the TD that that’s allowed (at some of the tournaments I compete in, you have to play to the bitter end because of how battle points/victory points are calculated). With confirmation from the TD that he can concede, we shake hands and call the game.

End of Game Turn Three.

End of Game Turn Three. You can just see the edge (shadow) of his last Obelisk in the upper right-hand corner.

In this game, my entire army suffered exactly 4 unsaved wounds. I did 50% of that to myself by catching my Warp Spiders in the explosion from the Obelisk. My army inflicted about 50 unsaved wounds in addition to two penetrating hits on an Obelisk. Brutal.

Side Note: In the second round, my son was paired against a Tau/Space Marine army (ethereal, riptide, long strike, broad side, fire warriors, devil fish, kroot, defense line, quad gun, space marine scouts with telion; telion manned the gun). He came from behind to win the game as his heldrakes (yeah, I wrote him a list with two of them) killed all of his opponent’s troops, making it mathematically impossible for him to win. That’s my boy.


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