February 9, 2014 1850 Tournament, Round 3: Eldar v. Tyranid (6e)

March 3, 2014

Round Three: I am paired with someone I’ve played once before, way back at the beginning of 6th edition. He enjoys committing 100% to an idea and then seeing how it turns out. For this tournament, he committed to a Tyranid ‘Sea of Claws’ list. He had Death Leaper, two lictors, two units of about 13 or 14 genestealers (infiltrating), a carnifex, two units of 5 warriors (kitted for close combat), two huge broods of hormagaunts, two zoanthropes, and an aegis defense line (work in progress) with an Icarus las cannon. I had just played a far more imposing list the day before and done just fine so, given the terrain, the deployment style, and the lists, I wasn’t worried about this. So long as I am careful, I will win.

  • Primary Mission: Table Quarters
  • Secondary Mission: Kill Points
  • Tertiary Mission: Crusade (4 Objectives)
  • Deployment: Hammer and Anvil (Uh oh…)
  • Warlord Trait: Entirely forgettable (might have been -1 to opponent’s reserves)
  • Night Fighting: Yes
  • First Turn: No (I won the roll but deferred)
  • Length of Game: 7 turns

He deploys his defense line in the only open area on his side (local rule is, if terrain is pre-placed, then purchased fortifications have to be at least 3″ from other pieces of terrain), and lines up his hormagaunts at the starting line, with the warriors behind them. After I deploy, he infiltrates his genestealers and lictors. He holds Death Leaper in reserves (choosing my Lolseer to suffer the -3 LD). The zoanthropes ‘man’ the las cannon. For my part, I stayed out of LoS of the Icarus and split my army into two parts. I planned to jump up on top of the LoS terrain (ruled ‘open’ terrain on top so no risk of immobilizing my vehicles) and blast the first wave off the board….

My opponent's WiP defense line and main deployment.

My opponent’s WiP defense line and main deployment.

My opponent's infiltrators.

My opponent’s infiltrators.

My deployment:


Turn One Highlights: Due to the ‘you can’t infiltrate and charge on turn one’ rule, I’m not concerned at all. He pushes everything forward in the movement phase, and then runs them in the shooting phase. He takes a potshot with the Icarus but misses, or else I make a cover save. He is well positioned for at least one, and maybe turn 2 charges. I move the two fire prisms and a wave serpent up top and slide the other wave serpent around the side. It takes a bit more shooting than I wanted, but I wipe out a unit of genestealers and a lictor and take a few genestealers out of the second brood. On the other side, the wraithserpent and the wraithknight take a heavy toll on the hormagaunts shielding the warriors and carnifex. He will still have turn 2 charge opportunities, but all will be through difficult terrain and at least 9″ after movement.

End of Game Turn One.

End of Game Turn One.

Turn Two Highlights: Death Leaper doesn’t come on, but, color me surprised, his hormagaunts make it into a wave serpent and his other genestealers make it into a fire prism. Everything else moves up, of course. The genestealers wreck the fireprism, but the unlucky little gaunts, out of 26 hits (or so), only manage 2 glances. My spiders come on–on time and on target! They zorch a zoanthrope then jump behind a ruin for a cover save. A unit of jet bikes comes on too. I pull the surviving fire prism and the wave serpent back, disembark the dire avengers on the right side, and proceed to remove another brood of Genestealers. I purposely leave the dinged up wave serpent a little forward because I have the (possibly brilliant) idea to feed it to the hormagaunts and then go to town on them with the sun cannon, since they’ll be very tightly bunched. I thin out the hormagaunts that made it into the wave serpent, leaving them with a 7″ or so charge to the wave serpent. On the left side, after my shooting, there are no more hormagaunts left to provide cover saves for the warriors (or carnifex).

During the Assault Phase at the Top of Game Turn Two. "Did you hear something?"

During the assault phase at the top of Game Turn Two. “Did you hear something?”

End of Game Turn Two.

End of Game Turn Two.

Turn Three Highlights: I almost lose a fire prism to silliness. I don’t play melee-oriented armies (I don’t write lists like that and rarely face them), so I had forgotten that a unit can make a ‘disordered’ charge against more than one target. Luckily, the hormagaunts made the 7″ roll to get in on the wave serpent, but did not get the 9″ roll to get into the fire prism. They proceed to overkill the wave serpent. In my turn, the other jet bikes come on. I kill off all the hormagaunts (without needing the sun cannon–thank you large blast low AP fire prism; killed 11). The wraith knight and wraithserpent cut the warriors down to just two. I position the wraith knight so the carnifex will have to go through the ruins if it wants to avoid him and have a chance to charge something else. My spiders hop out and shoot down the remaining zoanthrope. I have another great idea to take over the Icarus, but get a bad jet pack move. I send a unit of jet bikes way down the board; if he wants to kill them he’ll have to turn around….

Assault phase at top of Game Turn Three.

Assault phase at top of Game Turn Three.

End of Game Turn Three.

End of Game Turn Three.

Turn Four Highlights: The good news is, the carnifex fails to make his charge. The bad news is, the lictor makes an 11″ charge on three dice! He blows up my fire prism and takes a wound in the explosion. The WORST news is that Death Leaper pops up right next to the Icarus and says, ‘Smile Suckas’ to my spiders, killing one straightaway. [Note: I believe that a model has to have a weapon to fire in the first place in order to use an Icarus or a quad gun. I don’t know if Death Leaper has something that counts as a ranged weapon. At this point in the game, I was absolutely certain of the win in any case.] The depleted brood of warriors makes it into combat with the wraith knight and get in a couple of rends. The untouched brood of warriors is very close, but otherwise, his army has evaporated and I’m only down three vehicles. In my turn, the jet bikes gun down the lictor. The wraith guard disembark and roll up an Instant Death result on the carnifex. I’m astonished when he just picks it up. I ask him if he has any kind of invulnerable save at all. “Nope,” he says. Wow, just wow. My warp spiders decide that they’re going to be hot stuff and go get Death Leaper. I move to within 1″ and shoot him, putting maybe(?) one wound on him (or none at all, can’t remember). When it comes to the assault phase, I start asking about his stats…and decide to bravely run away. Unfortunately, my jet pack move doesn’t get me anywhere near far enough away. The warriors don’t survive to swing at the wraith knight again (squish, squish, go the bugs).

Halfway through Game Turn Four.

Halfway through Game Turn Four.

Turn Five Highlights: Pictures are scarce from here out, because my phone was dying. The turns went fast though.  Death Leaper eats warp spider face like he had an open invitation to a smorgasbord (after zorching another one with the Lascannon). Serves me right; two tournaments (6 games total) and I misused my spiders in every one. He consolidates back toward the Icarus. The full-strength brood of warriors that goes after my wraith knight and ding him up a bit, he crushes a few in return, finishing them off in my part of turn five. I hold every objective, and he only has Death Leaper and the Icarus, but the dice gods decide a turn 6 is necessary. He shoots at my wraith knight with the Icarus and it takes a wound. Half-hearted shooting on my part takes maybe another wound off (can’t remember where the wounds came from, exactly). In any case, Death Leaper survives until turn 7, does nothing, and dies to a lucky hit from the wraith knight’s scatter laser (can’t use the sun cannon!?).

After the end of Game Turn Seven (defense line already broken down for packing).

After the end of Game Turn Seven (defense line already broken down for packing).


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