February 9, 2014 1850 Tournament, Round 2: Eldar v. Noise Marines

March 1, 2014

Round Two (In which I demonstrate that I REALLY don’t understand Warp Spiders): So, my son and I end up paired in the second round (he completely dominated his round 1 Necron opponent). He’s 12, but I’ve been teaching him since he was 11 (cheap labor for play-testing, amirite?). This is his first 1850 tournament. I know this list well because I wrote it. Slaanesh lord on a bike with power maul and a couple of other things. Belakor (Mmmmm, Belakor). Two 10-man units of noise marines with 2 blastmasters. 1 20-man unit of cultists (turncoat abhumans! <– remember those?) with 2 heavy stubbers. Two hell drakes. Two Nurgle Obliterators. 10 Nurgle Lascannon Havocs. The key piece is a bastion (scratch made years ago before there were ‘bastions’) and a comms relay, to ensure that the drakes come in turn 2. In play-testing, I have just over a plus score against this list (without tailoring for it), usually when I can take Belakor out early and keep my Lolseer out of LoS of those S8 Ignores Cover cupcakes (small blasts). I have a healthy respect for all the AP3 ignores cover shenanigans it can pull.

  • Primary Mission: Crusade (4 Objectives)
  • Secondary Mission: Table Quarters
  • Tertiary Mission: Kill Points
  • Deployment: Dawn of War
  • Warlord Trait: Entirely forgettable (I forgot it)
  • Night Fighting: Yes
  • First Turn: No (I won the roll but deferred)
  • Length of Game: 6 turns (Unlucky for me, I needed it to end on turn 5)

My opponent places the bastion as close to the ruin as he can (3″), puts one unit of noise marines in the bastion (we ruled that the bunker could hold 10, and that it had 2 levels of battlements, since the ‘bunker’ is a single story), the other unit in the ruin, and the havocs in the forest in front of the bastion. The obliterators deployed on top of the bastion, along with Belakor (we incorrectly had Belakor ‘join’ the Obliterators, but got that sorted out before the end of the tournament). The daemon prince was my first conversion EVER; a combination of metal/plastic tyranid parts (see that Kai gun on his left forearm?) and greenstuff.

My opponent's deployment.

My opponent’s deployment.

I thought I was being clever when I deployed my spiders on the board, but out of LoS. Wrong again; they should have deep struck. I deploy very heavy on the left side of the board, keeping the wraithguard serpent near the spiders.

My deployment.

My deployment.

Turn One Highlights: He knocks a hull point off one of my prisms but otherwise does nothing. My first lance shot (fire prism) blows up the bastion in spectacular fashion, despite a night-fighting cover save for the bastion itself. He loses 4 noise marines. We debate whether Belakor and the Obliterators can remain on the battlement, since they could be deployed on impassible terrain in the first place. I cut him a break and let them stay. I use the star engines to push two wave serpents across the board.

End of Game Turn One.

End of Game Turn One.

Turn Two Highlights: Everything comes on, he hits with everything, and I fail almost every jink/cover/armor save I have to make in this turn. It’s a nightmare. Both my fire prisms are wrecked, and my wave serpents take a pounding (one is wrecked and then the hapless dire avengers are burned to a crisp). I give him credit for deciding to bring his lord on (with the cultists); he was correct in assuming there would be work to do on turn 3. I can’t keep my jet bikes off (both units), so I try to put them out of range of the blastmasters and maybe out of the way of the heldrakes. My sun cannon goes to work on the cultists but doesn’t chew up enough to get to the lord. I spin a wave serpent around to get rear armor on one of the drakes, but roll poorly. I’m not sure I kill anything else, maybe some havocs.

End of Game Turn Two.

End of Game Turn Two.

Turn Three Highlights: My opponent sends one of the heldrakes off the board (remembering to vector strike along the way). The other moves toward my wraithguard wave serpent. The lord splits off of the cultists and assaults the wave serpent. The cultists shoot at a jet bike unit, killing a bike. He takes another hull point off of my wraithguard serpent (which, instead of using as a gunboat to shoot down a heldrake, which I do, I should have sent on a suicide mission on his side of the board). The wave serpent assaulted by the lord explodes, killing one dire avenger but doing little else. I push my wraith knight toward the lord and position jet bikes and dire avengers to assault him (mostly to hold him still so my wraith knight could get to him). I send my Lolseer over to where the spiders are cowering, thinking to guide them and send them heldrake hunting. Shooting does almost nothing to the lord (he takes maybe one wound), and he holds strong in the assault. Luckily, so do I, as he whiffs his attacks. I send the remaining jet bikes from the other unit after the cultists (since they didn’t break and run away as expected after shooting them). They have the temerity to kill another bike, tying the combat.

End of Game Turn Three.

End of Game Turn Three.

Turn Four Highlights: The heldrake returns. He vector-strikes and templates my wraith knight, as well as shooting it with las cannons, etc., trying to remove it before it gets to his lord. Other shooting wrecks my wraithguard serpent. They disembark into the ruins, and now I have nearly 500 points of uselessness cowering out of LoS.  In the combat, his lord kills a bike (his power maul is AP4, so I take the saves on the bikes) but everyone makes their leadership check and stays put. His cultists, however, kill my remaining bike! In my turn, I calculate what I need to accomplish turn 5 for a chance to win. My wraith knight makes it into combat with his chaos lord and squishes him.

End of Game Turn Four.

End of Game Turn Four.

Turn Five Highlights: The heldrake drops into hover and roasts the rest of the dire avengers. The noise marines move to hold an objective near the bastion, and to make sure they’re holding the one in the ruin. In this turn, everything goes right for me: My wraith knight obliterates a unit of noise marines (not in cover…), pushing him off one of his crusade objectives and my jet bike kills the last cultist, giving me the advantage in table quarters. I send my Lolseer on a fool’s errand to contest the other objective. If the game ends, I win. Unfortunately, the game goes on.

End of Game Turn Five.

End of Game Turn Five.

Turn Six: There are no more pictures, the turn was very fast. He left his heldrake in hover to roast my last jet bike and sent Belakor out to punish my Lolseer’s audacity (boy did he). My wraith knight punched his heldrake in the junk, blowing it up. I made a feeble attempt to get my spiders into the game, but they had a poor jump and ended up in the middle of the board instead of doing anything useful. I lose.

My son went on to face the eventual first-place finisher who rocked a Deldar list with Vect, venoms galore, a wave serpent and warp spiders. He acquitted himself well, but lost on a failed morale check (stupid cultists!), falling to 4th place overall.


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