February 9, 2014 1850 Tournament, Round 1: Eldar v. Thousand Sons

February 27, 2014

After making a couple of adjustments to the list I took to the February 8 tournament, drove to a different town and entered another 1850 (taking my son with me):

Round One: I am paired with a player that has beaten me before (Eldar v. Eldar when I was experimenting with a Mantle-Autarch). His list is a little bit of everything; Sorcerer in terminator armor, one unit of Thousand Sons, some cultists, obliterators, a hell brute (las cannon), a mauler fiend, a rhino with regular CSM, a few terminators, a daemon prince with the obligatory black mace, a hell turkey and an aegis line/quad gun. Not a whole lot of thousand sons, but enough–and nicely painted as well. This tournament ran Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary, as well as First Blood, Line Breaker and Slay the Warlord. Each round simply changed the deployment type and point values of the three missions (not exactly ‘spicy’ but still different enough to make you have to pay attention to what matters most in each round).

  • Primary Mission: Kill Points
  • Secondary Mission: Crusade (4)
  • Tertiary Mission: Table Quarters
  • Deployment: Vanguard
  • Warlord Trait: Entirely forgettable (I forgot it)
  • Night Fighting: Yes
  • First Turn: No (I won the roll but deferred; if I remember correctly)
  • Length of Game: 6 turns (Lucky for me)

My first picture wasn’t taken until the end of Game Turn 2 (too chatty, as I know most of the guys in this tournament fairly well), so I will summarize up to there. My opponent wins the right to choose the table side and picks the one with a ruin in the deployment zone (vanguard is a little tricky like that). I don’t mind too much because I end up with excellent los blocking pieces that essentially cut off his obliterators and quad gun, reducing their impact on the game and shaping the battle so that it almost all happens within 12″ of the left side of the table. I pack as much stuff as I can into a corner and hold the spiders and jet bikes in reserve.

Turn One Highlights: The daemon prince launches and the mauler fiend starts running toward my wraith knight. My opponent takes a few shots at my vehicles, to little effect. I try REALLY hard to ground his prince, but he passes 4 or 5 grounding checks. Nor does he take a wound. I start sending one fire prism down my board edge, to see if it can a) draw fire off my prisms and b) possibly make it into the right corner. I take a pot-shot at his mauler fiend and immobilize it (oh, that’s funny). It sits there, regenerates to full hull points, growling impotently at me until I destroy it later in the game (when I feel like it).

Turn Two Highlights: His hell drake comes on, but his terminators and thousand sons (also held in reserves) do not. He decides to keep his prince aloft (there’s nothing squishy on the table yet and the wraith knight is in cover, so it would strike first). My vehicles survive another round of shooting only losing a hull point here or there. I can’t keep the jet bikes off, so I put the unit that comes on into the ruins on the right, where they hang out until the drake gets there on turn four and burns them. My warp spiders come on, and I misplace them again. There wasn’t really a great place to put them, since the hell turkey could reach the other end of the board if need be and he was about to have a unit of AP3 bolters walk on somewhere. So, I sent them after the daemon prince. Since I still have all my tanks, I decide to shoot the wave serpents at the hell drake, but do absolutely nothing to it. Shooting from everything else puts two wounds on the daemon prince (I think he finally failed a grounding check and took a wound in the process). By the time he’s on the ground, I’ve got nothing left to shoot him with. I move the spiders away, so that the prince will have to double back if he wants to take care of them.

End of Game Turn Two.

End of Game Turn Two.

Turn Three Highlights: His thousand sons unit walks onto the board and has the nerve to shoot at my wraith knight. As per my usual, I fail my saves and promptly take two wounds. The fire prism out in the open is stunned (and I do not shake it off with the spirit stones), but the rest of my vehicles are fine. The prince doubles back, lands, and assaults the spiders. They actually hit and wound him in overwatch, but he makes his save and then proceeds to annihilate them. The prince, now on the ground, is easy pickings. I send the wraith knight after the thousand suns, killing a couple with the sun cannon and then assaulting. I fail (again) to take down the hell turkey, but I do knock a couple of hull points off of it. A unit of dire avengers disembarks to help either shoot at the prince or the thousand sons (I think they ended up shooting at the prince and doing nothing). The close combat is a whiff-fest, but there is the potential that the sorcerer’s force weapon could come into play. Luckily, it doesn’t. The wraith knight remains locked in combat until turn five….

End of Game Turn Three.

End of Game Turn Three.

Turn Four Highlights: His terminators come in, and land on target. They shoot at a wave serpent, but it makes it’s jinks! Combined vector strike and shooting wrecks the stunned fire prism. The hell turkey roasts the jet bikes lurking in the building. I think the wraith knight kills one or two more, leaving one and the sorcerer. They do no wounds in return. My other jet bikes come on and I keep them close (away from the turkey and the long range fire power). I finally shoot down the turkey. I shoot a lot of things at the terminators and just can’t clear them (I think they even had misfortune on them), so I charge them with the Dire Avengers. I think they do a wound (or two), but he makes his saves. Luckily, he whiffs, so they stay stuck in.

End of Game Turn Four.

End of Game Turn Four.

A close up of my Wraith Knight’s mondo CC skills:

Wraith Knight, why you no stomp Thousand Sons?

Wraith Knight, why you no stomp Thousand Sons?

Turn Five Highlights: He unloads his CSM onto an objective and wrecks my wraith guard-carrying wave serpent (which disembark directly onto an objective, thank you very much). He whiffs with his terminator, but thousand sons finally gets stomped into the dust by my wraith knight (just in time!). My wraith knight kills a bunch of CSM (bunched up as they are, I get a LOT of hits), but they make their morale check. I also dispatch the poor mauler fiend. I am pretty sure that I disembarked some more dire avengers onto the objective in the forest and turbo-boosted my bikes into the far corner to pick up a table quarter. In the assault phase, I sent my far seer into the combat with the lone (misfortuned) terminator, but still couldn’t bring him down. Now we’re all stuck in. Luckily, the game goes on, because I’m not sure I’m winning. Draw, maybe, but not winning.

After the top of Game Turn Five, before the Sun Cannon went to work.

After the top of Game Turn Five, before the Sun Cannon went to work.

Turn Six Highlights: There are no good pictures of turn 6. He did his best to protect the CSM on the objective and tried to pick off weak targets. I think he wrecked another vehicle. But, he whiffed in close combat with his terminator yet again. I destroy the rhino and kill all of the CSM holding the objective, giving me a 2-1 advantage in crusade AND passing him in kill points. The game ends. I win a major victory (minus first blood, slay the warlord, or linebreaker).

P.S. Turns out he was fine-tuning his list for a bigger tournament later in the month that I went to as well.


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