February 8, 2014 1850 Tournament, Round One: Eldar v. White Scars w/ Grey Knight Allies

February 12, 2014

Round One: Perhaps because I won the December tournament, I am paired with a Gravbike spam + Khan with Grey Knight (a.k.a. Coteaz) allies. As I pointed out in my Round Two report from the last tournament, the only thing I’m remotely afraid of…is a White Scars list. I am sure I could have made better deployment decisions–it’s a bit hard to think when your opponent is going to start at the mid-line of the board in a Dawn of War deployment. C’est la vie, enh? His list was 6 units of 5 bikes, 3 with all grav-guns 2 with all meltas, two thunderfire cannons, and Khan as his primary. His allies (taken from the Grey Knight codex rather than the new Inquisition thing, if I remember correctly), were Coteaz, three bullet catchers, three plasma cannon servitors, a techmarine (maybe the techmarine was part of the primary?) with a conversion beamer, some close-combat assassins(?) and a storm raven. Oh, and he had 3 servo skulls….

I suppose now is as good a time as any to point out that he brought a highly competitive list to a tournament that has no entrance fee…good times. [Edit: Also, he went on to win the tournament.]

  • Primary Mission: Crusade (3 Objectives)
  • Secondary Mission: Emperor’s Will
  • Deployment: Dawn of War
  • Warlord Trait: -1 to reserve rolls?
  • Night Fighting: Yes.
  • First Turn: No.
  • Length of Game: 5 Turns
  • Result: 6-0(?) Loss (I held my Emperor’s Will, denying him points, and I don’t think he got Line Breaker)

I did not get to chose table side and lost the chance to go first (Coteaz makes going first largely irrelevant). I did not bother to try to seize, as you have to reroll it (Coteaz, again). Love me some Coteaz. My list is in a separate post. Here is my deployment (I MIGHT have been able to smash everything to the far side away from Coteaz but /shrug), along with my opponent’s deployment. Nothing like an army list that ignores so many rules of the game; Terrain–no. Dangerous Terrain–no. Deployment Zone–no. 4+ Jink for Turbo-boosting–no, 3+!). The picture was taken after he had moved two squads of bikes, but you get the idea:

Partway into Turn One.

Partway into Turn One.

Turn One Highlights: I am losing before the game even starts, and the first turn confirms that. I lose the Night Spinner to, “Oh, you’re immobilized? Well, then a second Immobilized result takes off 2 hull points.” Awesome. At least it takes 3 squads to get the job done. I lose a Wave Serpent by failing to downgrade a pen’ from a meltagun. I haven’t lost two vehicles on turn one since…ever. I respond as well as I can. I needed everything I attempted to be successful, or be guaranteed a loss. Not everything was successful. My Scytheguard disembarked and annihilated one squad (with much overkill). Between my Dire Avengers in the top right corner and my Wraith Knight, I managed to whittle a squad down to just 2 with shooting and then failed the charge roll with the Wraith Knight because the squad ‘broke’ and fell back 7 or 8 inches. The Wave Serpent by the Fire Prism was stunned, so I disembarked the squad to try to get a little shooting out of it (I don’t know if that’s how it works, but my opponent was fine with it and it clearly didn’t help me at all).

Partway through the bottom of Turn One.

Partway through the bottom of Turn One.

Turn Two Highlights: My Scytheguard and Spirit Seer are vaporized by Prescience-guided blasts from the servitors. The more central unit of Dire Avengers are hit by the thunder fire cannons but are not pinned and do not run. I lose the Fire Prism to a charge. In a stroke of luck, the surviving bikes at the top fail to destroy my wraithbone Wave Serpent, either with shooting or on the charge (I think they stunned it though). My Wraith Knight makes short work of them in close combat and consolidates towards Coteaz. My Warp Spiders, making their first appearance in a tournament ever (I just got them the week before), make their deep strike but end up on the wrong side of impassible terrain and have zero targets. I very much should have started them on the board and kept a serpent or two in reserve instead. Ah well. With nothing to shoot at, I got out of LoS from the servitor death-squad and hoped that the Khan wouldn’t turn around.

End of Turn Two.

End of Turn Two.

Turn Three Highlights: My Wraith Knight is reduced to 2 wounds. Khan turns around and cuts down the hapless (and poorly deployed) Warp Spiders. My Dire Avenger squad is pinned. I position my Lolseer and Wraith Knight to make a combined charge on Coteaz’s unit (desperate times call for desperate measures). I also go flat-out with my wraithbone Wave Serpent to (hopefully) add more firepower if I survive the close combat. I manage to finish off another bike squad. I shoot Coteaz’s unit with the shuriken catapults…and remove two bullet-catchers, increasing my charge range for the Wraith Knight to 7 or 8″ on three dice. Foolish. The Lolseer makes the charge and isn’t touched by overwatch, but the Wraith Knight fails to get in. The Lolseer (perhaps should have issued a challenge?) kills another bullet-catcher and the techmarine (an ill-timed roll of a ‘1’ made in an effort to preserve the unit’s shooting strength). Then Coteaz hits the Lolseer 4 times, and wounds 4 times. The Lolseer fails his invulnerable (twice) and suffers instant death (force weapon activation). In the meantime, a unit of Jet Bikes is hanging out on the other end of the table, waiting to turbo-boost onto objectives.

End of Turn Three.

End of Turn Three.

Turn Four Highlights: My other bike squad comes on. My Wraith Knight, swinging in the breeze, is easily dispatched by the grav-guns. The thunderfire cannons break my Dire Avengers and they run off the board. My remaining Wave Serpents are wrecked, and the Dire Avengers that pile out are pinned. His Storm Raven (which may have come in on turn three) switches to hover mode and dials in on my bikes. In fact, practically his entire army does a 180 and heads toward my bikes. There is a teeny-tiny chance that I could hold for a minor loss (first blood, warlord already given up).

Somewhere in the middle of Turn Five (maybe).

Somewhere in the middle of Turn Five (maybe).

Turn Five Highlights: The end of Turn Four to the end of Turn Five is a bit fuzzy. The thunderfire cannons almost wipe out both my bike squads. He is too far to make charges (and doesn’t shoot–don’t recall why). In the end, I move and turbo-boost onto the Emperor’s Will objective, keeping him from earning those points only because the game ended. I learned a number of lessons from this game and am confident I will give a better battle the next time I face a White Scars list.

End of Turn Five (end of game).

End of Turn Five (end of game).


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  1. Ivan Mulkeen Says:

    Can you post the army lists you each used?

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