Finished a Striking Scorpion Exarch the other day. The rest of the squad to follow:






As per usual, this was an eBay rescue project. It was originally modeled with the two-handed chain sword and subjected to a more-than-liberal use of superglue.


New Wave Serpent

January 3, 2014

Been busy painting. Here is a Wave Serpent I finished today:

Wave Serpent Compressed Pic 2

The turret and Shuriken Cannon are magnetized, as is the flying base. The canopy didn’t quite go the way I wanted, but the rest of it is all right.

Wave Serpent Compressed Pic 1

This brings me to 3 Wave Serpents and 4 Falcon chassis. Go go Mechdar….

Put together a 6-Man Kill Team composed of Chosen. Here’s one I finished today:


It’s not awesome, but like most everything else I do I feel fine putting it on a table.