December 7, 2013 1850 Tournament, Round Three: Eldar v. Dark Eldar

December 28, 2013

Round 3: A Christmas Themed Dark Eldar army (and player) that I have played, and beaten, before. The current list is similar to the one he brought the last time we faced each other in a tournament, but there are two units of Wyches and a couple of other bells and whistles. The list is something like, 3 Ravagers, 4 Raiders and 3 or 4 Venoms. Dark Lances and Splinter Cannons galore. Two Venoms had Wyches in them, one had ‘Blasterborn’ (?) and, if I’m remembering this correctly, one had his Warlord and some Haemonculi–the freaky hand-to-hand guys with the big, choppy swords.

  • Primary Mission: The Relic (Ugh.)
  • Secondary Mission: Big Guns Never Tire (4 Objectives).
  • Deployment: Vanguard
  • Warlord Trait: Split Fire….
  • Night Fighting: No.
  • First Turn: Yes!
  • Length of Game: 5 Turns
  • Result: 9-0 Win

I got a useless Warlord Trait, didn’t get to chose deployment zone, but DID get (and keep) first turn. First turn absolutely made all the difference. I knew that my Wraith Knights and Wraith Lord would drop easily, and most likely by the end of turn two, so I tried to at least make it difficult for ALL of them to be in range/LoS. Here is my deployment:

My deployment.

My deployment.

My opponent did not put anything in reserve and deployed aggressively.

My opponent's deployment. Yes, those are real lights...!

My opponent’s deployment. Yes, those are real lights…!

Turn One Highlights: The game is a bloodbath from turn one. I put Guide and Prescience on the Wraith Knights and go to work on his Ravagers, exploding two of them and wrecking the third (candy-canes = craters). My shooting is so successful I can start working on his Raiders, exploding one and wrecking another. I turbo-boost my Far Seer into the far corner, completely out of reach of his guns. On his turn, he pushes everything toward the middle. Shooting, he poisons the nearer Wraith Knight to death and blows up a Wave Serpent. I lose a Scythe Guard in the explosion (really?).

End of Turn One.

End of Turn One.

Turn Two Highlights: I keep pushing everything toward the middle. I have read that killing everything that comes near the relic is better than trying to pick it up and move with it. The Scythe Guard are useless where they are, so I move them closer to try to get into template range. I move my Far Seer up behind my remaining Wraith Knight. My shooting blows up two Venoms, but that is all. On his turn, my opponent poisons my Wraith Lord (final analysis: Wraith Lord is not quite worth it in an 1850, might do better either at 2000 points or in a foot list), puts a couple (2?) of wounds on my remaining Wraith Knight, just barely fails to kill all of my Scythe Guard…and does nothing else.

End of Turn Two (sorry it's out of focus).

End of Turn Two (sorry it’s out of focus).

Turn Three Highlights: I park a Wave Serpent ‘over’ the Relic (cheesy? beardy? legal?), you can see it under the left ‘wing’. The Scythe Guard with the Spirit Seer disembark in anticipation of having targets. I decide that my Far Seer will have to actually do something, so I position him for an assault on the next turn. An excellent round of shooting blows up two Raiders, with the explosion killing many of the Warriors inside (Note: S4 explosions INSIDE an open-topped vehicle are unnecessary and unfair). My Scythe Guard finish the rest, and put a wound on his Warlord. While my opponent’s turn seems like it should be largely ineffective, his firepower having been almost completely removed from the table, he actually continues to put a hurt on my Eldar. He positions his remaining Venom and remaining Raider to get rear armor shots on my Wave Serpent and moves his Warlord into the crater. The Blasterborn(?) behind the jagged rock-thing blow up my unpainted Wave Serpent. My Wraith Knight is reduced to a single wound. I can’t remember if his Venom missed, or if he needed the firepower to kill the Scythe Guard with the Spirit Seer. In any case, the Spirit Seer does not die (or break) and I still have a Wave Serpent (and one badass Scythe Guard) on the table. He did declare a charge (with the Warriors maybe? I don’t remember) against the lone Scythe Guard, but Wall of Death killed one and he failed to make the distance.

End of Turn Three.

End of Turn Three.

Turn Four Highlights: My Spirit Seer joins up with the remaining Scythe Guard and moves to take control of the Relic. My Dire Avengers slog around the corner to get LoS on my opponent’s Warlord. I swing the Wave Serpent around to face the remaining Raider. My Far Seer casts Prescience on himself and moves into charge range against the Blasterborn(?). My Wraith Knight blows up the remaining Raider, which allows my Wave Serpent to finish off the surviving Warriors. A combination of shooting from the Dire Avengers and the Scythe Guard template finish off his Warlord AND snag one of the Warriors. The Warriors fail their Morale Check and begin running. My Far Seer makes it into combat and kills one, but takes a wound in return. My opponent’s Warriors regroup and take Snap Shots, but do not hit. Shooting from what he has left kills my Wraith Knight. In close combat, my Far Seer kills another, but takes no wounds in return. The remaining Blaster-guy makes his morale check and we stay stuck in combat.

End of Turn Four.

End of Turn Four.

Turn Five Highlights: I swing my Wave Serpent around to face the Venom, move the Dire Avengers to the other side of the terrain, and remain in possession of the Relic (but do not move it). My Wave Serpent makes short work of the Venom, and my Dire Avengers kill the Warriors on the near side of the wrecked Raider. My Far Seer takes another wound in combat, but finally wins and consolidates into my opponent’s Deployment Zone (for Linebreaker). My opponent’s two remaining Warriors fire on my Far Seer, but he makes his cover save(s). The game goes on to Turn Six.

End of Turn Five.

End of Turn Five.

Turn Six Highlights: I move my Far Seer out of the way just in case my opponent’s Warriors survive. It actually takes shooting from the Dire Avengers AND the Wave Serpent to finish them off. I do not get the Secondary Objective, so win 9-0.

End of Turn Six.

End of Turn Six.

When the results are tallied, I take First Place, my Dark Eldar opponent takes Second, and my Tau opponent takes Third.


One Response to “December 7, 2013 1850 Tournament, Round Three: Eldar v. Dark Eldar”

  1. Theo Klapper Says:

    ‘Proper’ names of the units are Kabalite Warriors for the Troops choice. Kabalite Trueborn are the Elites, which almost -always- take 3-4 blasters (depending on points and amount of overkill you want). So, shortened to Blasterborn.

    Also the best game of the day.
    -The Dark Eldar player

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