December 7, 2013 1850 Tournament, Round Two: Eldar v. Space Wolves

December 17, 2013

Round 2: Modest Space Wolves list [2 Rune Priests in Terminator Armor, 2 Tactical Squads, 2 Long Fang squads (one with 4 missile launchers and the other with 3 missile launchers and 1 multi-melta), Land Raider (the one with the Hurricane Bolters), and 5 more guys (Elites? Troops? They were with the Rune Priest in the Land Raider)]. Seeing how few models (and how little actual firepower) he put on the table for 1850 points, I was reminded of why I still feel sorry for Space Marines in general. Still, he had beaten a 2-Heldrake CSM army in the first round by playing the Objectives, so I reminded myself to be methodical.

  • Primary Mission: The Scouring (Modified: Two ‘3’ markers, two ‘2’ markers and two ‘1’ markers)
  • Secondary Mission: Purge the Alien
  • Deployment: Hammer and Anvil
  • Warlord Trait: Able to Force Night Fighting on Turn 1
  • Night Fighting: Yes (I forced it)
  • First Turn: No
  • Length of Game: 5 Turns
  • Result: 10-1 Win

I got the Strategic Warlord Trait to force Night Fighting on turn one. I gave my opponent first turn, deployed beyond 36” with almost everything, and declared Night Fighting. Here is my deployment:


And here is my opponent’s deployment (he held the Land Raider in reserve as he got to Outflank with it):


Turn 1 Highlights: His first round of shooting took one Hull Point off of my Dire Avenger Wave Serpent, but that was all. My Far Seer Perils, and I take the wound (I’m not going to lie, I just assumed that all Eldar psykers had to ‘eat it’ when they Peril). Combined, focused shooting decimates the Long Fangs in mid-field.

End of Turn One.

End of Turn One.

Turn 2 Highlights: His Land Raider does not come in. His shooting is ineffective. I don’t believe I took a single wound–maybe a Glance on the unpainted Wave Serpent. My shooting finishes off the rest of the Long Fangs in mid-field and clears maybe four off the top of the small ruin. My right-side Wave Serpent kills four Space Wolves on that side.

End of Turn Two.

End of Turn Two.

Turn 3 Highlights: His Land Raider does not come on. The picture below was just after he cast Wild Lightning (in Turn 4) on my Far Seer and killed him…. His shooting is ineffective. My Scythe Guard disembark. The unit on the right side gets 23(?) hits, wiping out the 6 remaining Space Wolves. On the left side, the Space Wolves are in a bit of a conga-line, so I only kill maybe 6. Combined shooting annihilates all the Space Wolves that were still alive in the mid-field.

Just after the start of Turn 4 (End of Turn 3).

Just after the start of Turn 4 (End of Turn 3).

Turn 4 Highlights: His Land Raider finally comes in. Jaws of the World Wolf fails to do anything to anyone. Shooting from the Long Fangs in the small ruin Immobilize the unpainted Wave Serpent. He kills my Far Seer with Wild Lightning. However, as you cannot charge on the turn you come out of reserves (assault vehicle or not), his Warlord has to take it in the face. I don’t even need the shooting from the Wave Serpent or the Wraith Knight because the Scythe Guard are beyond lethal. The Wraith Knight shoots the Land Raider, but does not destroy it, so he charges it and blows it up with the Hammer of Wrath attack. My Scythe Guard on the right side move to capture a high-value Scouring Objective. My Dire Avengers disembark from the immobilized Wave Serpent and move into the ruin to capture another objective. The Jet Bikes lurk on another objective behind the ruin (more than 12″ from the one in the ruin).

End of Turn Four.

End of Turn Four.

Turn 5 Highlights: My opponent wanted to concede after Turn Four, but the point structure in the tournament required every turn to be played, so he played on. I don’t think he did a single wound or even took a Hull Point. By the end of my turn, I won every Victory Condition and left him with two Long Fangs and a Rune Priest. Mercifully, the game ended.

All he had left....

All he had left….

Other than White Scars (with the Khan) and a fully mechanized Iron Hands army, I don’t know that I’m remotely afraid of anything the Space Marines can put on the table; respectful, sure, but certainly not afraid.


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