5 Wraith Guard with Distortion Cannons (OOP)

November 5, 2013

Finished a small unit of Wraith Guard this weekend.


I was brave(?) enough to actually do a gem (singular).


They were primed in black, base coated in the Krylon (sp?) ‘tan’ color, dry-brushed with some terrible mix of white and ‘Skeleton Bone’ (Army Painter).


The red is Mephiston, the black is black, the gold is shiny. The wash is the Army Painter ‘Light’ tone.


They are sealed with a clear satin (I think satin is under-rated and I think ‘flat’ sealers make my amateur painting look even worse than it is). I have tested models (same model, painted the same way) with both sealers and always end up picking the satin. I -think- it’s because I don’t dork around with ‘highlights’.


One Response to “5 Wraith Guard with Distortion Cannons (OOP)”

  1. alaric0503 Says:

    I actually think you did a good job. The overall look and feel is good. The body armour has very nice tone and shading whether by accident or design who cares they look good man. Keep it up

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