Eldar Wraith Knight #2 WIP (#2)

October 31, 2013

A few pictures of my revisions. I reduced the length of the neck, hacked off the ‘chin’, added a crest (and some guardian backpack antennas that will/will not make the final cut–I’m thinking Spirit Stone might be better there), and tacked a ‘streamer’ on the chin.

I will be getting more ‘streamers’, one for each side of the crest. I may or may not fabricate some rings to pierce the lower edges of the crest. This is closer to my idea of a Wraith Knight with a ‘beard’, something akin to 3rd edition Far Seer models. I will be running the dual Heavy Wraith Cannons magnetized straight to the shoulders. Right side view:


Front view:


Left side view:


I will have this finished and base coated this weekend. More pics then.


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