Eldar Wraith Knight #2 Modeling WIP

October 28, 2013

Quick post for an in-progress Wraith Knight (my second, don’t judge me). I wanted this one to have more of a Spirit Seer (Far Seer, Warlock) feel to it:


The back of the head is a Wraith Lord head (chopped a bit for where the neck joins). The fancy bits on the side are from the Wraith Lord as well. The small stones on each side of the neck are from the Falcon sprue and the neck itself is a Night Spinner.


I feel like the length of the neck and tilt of the head are in better (not perfect, but better) proportion to the long, lean lines of the rest of the model.


I am still considering adding an armor plate (crest) for the forehead (think Japanese Menpo and you’re in the neighborhood). Still, looks pretty good as is with just a bit of green stuff work to do on the neck/head joint.


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