A few pictures of my revisions. I reduced the length of the neck, hacked off the ‘chin’, added a crest (and some guardian backpack antennas that will/will not make the final cut–I’m thinking Spirit Stone might be better there), and tacked a ‘streamer’ on the chin.

I will be getting more ‘streamers’, one for each side of the crest. I may or may not fabricate some rings to pierce the lower edges of the crest. This is closer to my idea of a Wraith Knight with a ‘beard’, something akin to 3rd edition Far Seer models. I will be running the dual Heavy Wraith Cannons magnetized straight to the shoulders. Right side view:


Front view:


Left side view:


I will have this finished and base coated this weekend. More pics then.


Quick post for an in-progress Wraith Knight (my second, don’t judge me). I wanted this one to have more of a Spirit Seer (Far Seer, Warlock) feel to it:


The back of the head is a Wraith Lord head (chopped a bit for where the neck joins). The fancy bits on the side are from the Wraith Lord as well. The small stones on each side of the neck are from the Falcon sprue and the neck itself is a Night Spinner.


I feel like the length of the neck and tilt of the head are in better (not perfect, but better) proportion to the long, lean lines of the rest of the model.


I am still considering adding an armor plate (crest) for the forehead (think Japanese Menpo and you’re in the neighborhood). Still, looks pretty good as is with just a bit of green stuff work to do on the neck/head joint.

Quick post to document my first-ever spirit stone(s). There’s a bit of painting to do here and there before I seal it.



The Spirit Stone on the Scatter Shield:


And a shot of my feeble attempt to make the Sun Cannon look cool:


I bought another Wraith Knight, so I’m forcing myself to finish this one (completely) before building the new one….

Round Three: I get paired up with the player holding the #1 spot, having scored major victories with his White Scars (100% bikes) in each of his first two games. I am apparently in the #2 spot. I knew it would be difficult to win the match (holding onto 2nd place overall), let alone pass him. The mission was pure Kill Points (First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker). The secondaries were a bit odd: have any of your units in each of the quadrants at game’s end, and bonus points for wiping out all Fast Attack (or all Heavy Support) in your opponent’s list—bonus points are automatic if your opponent does not have any Fast Attack or Heavy Support. We rolled up Hammer & Anvil for deployment

Opponent’s List (picture below): His army is an ultramarine-blue White Scars list with 4 giant squads of bikers (melta melta), one giant command squad with a chapter master, apothecary, chaplain(?), etc. While the command squad was chock-full of CC death (including that at-initiative burning something-something sword), there were no power weapons/fists or anything particularly deadly in CC in the rest of the army. He brought 48 bikes (or thereabouts) altogether. He brought 3 Storm Talons with assault cannons, etc. for his Fast Attack. Mmmmmm, Spammy.


Warlord Traits: I can’t remember what I rolled. It didn’t come into play anyway. I think my opponent got split-fire (had no impact on the game).

Psychic Powers: I took Guide, Prescience, and Misfortune for my Far Seer. I would pay 50 points a game to be able to choose Misfortune; love it. My Spirit Seer didn’t get anything fancy. I rolled, and took, the +3” to run for my Warlock, as I expected to be in close combat on turn 2 and wanted to get at least one volley off before getting wiped out.

My Opponent’s Deployment: I lost the choice of table edge AND lost first deployment/first turn. He lined up his bikes right at his deployment line, two units on my left flank, one in the middle, and one on the right. He deployed the command squad to the right-of-center. He (of course) did not combat-squad any of his units.

My Deployment: I did not want to try to set up too far away, but still deployed about 5″ back. I decided to risk a lot on a turn one attempt to wipe out his command squad. I deployed my Far Seer in a building (high up, but with windows), put my Wraith Knight on top of a building on the right (with good line of sight to his command squad but not the left side of the table), put the guardian blob in the middle(ish), the Dire Avengers left, and split the Wave Serpents left and right.


Deployment. My Far Seer is in the center building, on the second floor, in the corner.

My Opponent’s Turn One: I really enjoy how White Scars get “Skilled Rider” whereas Eldar (or at the very least Saim Hann Eldar) don’t. Good times. Everything goes flat out. Yay for 3+ armor and 3+ jink. He doesn’t shoot anything.

My Turn One: I move everything as far forward as I can and disembark both squads of Wraith Guard. In retrospect, I might have tried harder to use the Wave Serpents to keep the Wraith Guard, etc. out of close combat for one more turn (sacrificing them). The Warlock perils as he (successfully) casts the, ‘run real fast’ power; awesome. My Far Seer puts Guide on the Guardians and Prescience on the Dire Avengers (more likely to make use of it in close combat). He casts Misfortune on the command squad. I shoot everything that is in range of the command squad at the command squad. Misfortune claims every member of the command squad and leaves the Chapter Master with 2 wounds. Other shooting takes a bike here and a bike there, nothing major.

My Opponent’s Turn Two: Two Storm Talons come on. Everything makes it into close combat. My Overwatch is ineffective. I learned something interesting, or at least I think I did: Once all charges have been declared, overwatch resolved and charge moves made, the combats are handled in initiative order. If this is wrong, please know that it didn’t come from me (I’m not a CC person at all—I don’t even own a dedicated CC unit for my Eldar). I always thought that the controlling player picked which combat to resolve. In any case, this little twist on the rules cost him the game (eventually), by giving me First Blood and Slay the Warlord at the same time.

Just before Misfortune killed the Chapter Master.

Just before Misfortune killed the Chapter Master.

Having used the Orbital Bombardment (killed 3 or 4 Guardians, but not enough to force a morale check), my opponent charged his Chapter Master into my Wraith Guard & Spirit Seer. Side note: Spirit Mark is only active during the casting player’s turn, so it will not/does not benefit Overwatch. The Chapter Master challenges my Spirit Seer to single combat, which I decline. He fails to hit or fails to wound (whichever it was), but I get two wounds with the Wraith Guard! Misfortune claims its final victim, as he fails a roll the first time, and then fails another on the re-roll. The command squad is no more.

The other combats are laughably bad: One Wave Serpent gets wrecked, the Guardians manage to actually do a couple of wounds but lose combat, break, and are annihilated, and the Dire Avengers/Wraith Guard are multi-charged and lose combat, but don’t break.

My Turn Two: I pull the Far Seer way back. I shoot everything that can at the unit that wiped out my Guardians, greatly reducing their numbers. In the assault phase, I charge the bikes on the right that wrecked my serpent and do ok. On the left, the Wraith Guard die (only 2 left), and without taking ANY wounds to the Dire Avengers, but because they were ‘connected’ to the Wraith Guard in the multi-charge, I lose combat and my Dire Avengers are forced to take a morale check, which they fail, and are cut down. 3+ jink saves from Skilled Rider are one thing, but a squad that didn’t take ANY wounds itself running from combat because another squad is wiped out is F—— RIDICULOUS. C’est la Vie, though, enh?

Because TWO Wraith Guard die, NINE Dire Avengers run and get cut down. Sounds like the punch-line to a bad joke.

Because TWO Wraith Guard die, NINE Dire Avengers run and get cut down. Sounds like the punch-line to a bad joke.

My Opponent’s Turn Three: The third flyer comes on. He shoots at, then charges, my Night Spinner on the left. The close combat with my Spirit Seer in it goes on.

My Turn Three: My Jet Bikes come on. I hide them way out of LoS and charge range. My Far Seer perils and takes a wound. My Wraith Knight keeps pumping out S6 AP2 blasts to good effect. I destroy a unit of bikes with shooting and finally kill the last two marines in the close combat, consolidating onto the wreckage of the Wave Serpent (passing all dangerous terrain tests).


My Opponent’s Turn Four: He adjusts the Storm Talons a bit and advances his bikes from the left toward my remaining Night Spinner. He shoots his Storm Talons at my Far Seer, but nothing gets through the Mantle’s re-rollable cover save. His shooting pops my Night Spinner, so he has nothing to charge.

My Turn Four: My shooting with the Wraith Knight reduces one bike squad to two (one with a side-car); they break. Shooting from my Jet Bikes (including my Far Seer!) plus Misfortune reduces the other bike squad to just one. I elect not to charge, thinking that Overwatch + Misfortune would be better than S3 attacks + Misfortune.

My Opponent’s Turn Five: He drops two of his Storm Talons into Hover mode and goes after my Far Seer, but again to no effect. His bikes regroup and, together with the remaining bike in the other squad, prepare to charge my remaining Wave Serpent. They wreck it.

My Turn Five: I push my Wraith Knight to the left to get a clear shot at the lone biker, move my Wraith Guard off of the wrecked serpent to be in range of a hovering Storm Talon, put my Jet Bikes in base contact with the Quad Gun, and move my Far Seer up into Singing Spear range of the other hovering Storm Talon. The Wraith Guard blow up a Storm Talon, and the Jet Bikes do the same to another one. However, that Storm Talon crashes right onto the Jet Bikes, killing two! Luckily, the remaining bike makes his morale check.


Jet Bikes are sometimes absolute studs. This is one of those times.

It is up to my Wraith Knight to get the final kill point, but he whiffs ENTIRELY with the Scatter Laser and only gets two hits with the Sun Cannon. He fails to wound with one and the biker makes the save for the other. Noting that my opponent does not have Line Breaker, I turbo-boost my Far Seer into his deployment zone. The game ends.

Results: I win, just barely, and ONLY because of First Blood and Slay the Warlord. I still would have won without Line Breaker. However, because of the blood bath, I do not earn enough points to take over the #1 spot. I finish in 2nd place, undefeated (3-0-0).