August 3 1500 Point Tournament Battle Report. Round 3 of 3: Eldar (Foot) v. Loota Ork Horde

September 12, 2013

Round 3: Vanguard Deployment. Primary Mission: Kill Points. Secondary Mission: “We Need Those” (1 Point for each of YOUR Heavy Support units still alive and in play at the end of the game). First Blood, Slay the Warlord and Line Breaker also in effect.

Opponent’s List: Ork Boss with the gravity-field generator thing, two large units (22+) of Boyz with Nobz, one small unit of Boyz (with the Boss), one unit of 3 Killa Kanz, two Looted Tanks, two units of Lootas (8+), a Dakka Flyer (with extra Dakka) and a Defense Line (no gun).

Warlord Traits: Entirely forgettable and useless.

My Psychic Powers: Guide, Prescience and MISFORTUNE <—- Ding! Ding! Ding! My Warlocks got Protect, Conceal, and Conceal.

My Deployment: Fortunately, I won the right to choose my table side and got a beautiful ruin (3 levels!) to castle up in. I learned my lesson from my second round game against the Necron and placed a Guardian squad directly behind the Defense Line, but in front of the Distortion Cannons. The Defense Line wrapped almost all the way around the building. There was a fair amount of open ground between the sides of the board, which was fortunate for me. I put the Wraith Knight behind the corner of the ruin (and fairly well back) on the right edge, the Distortion Cannons in the middle, and the Quad Gun and Dire Avengers (and Avatar) on the left. I kept the Far Seer inside the ruin. He could see the Wraith Knight, the Guardian squad at the Defense Line and the Distortion Cannons (through a window) but would be entirely out of LoS for a couple of turns at least.

Who says Eldar can't castle?

Who says Eldar can’t castle?

My Opponent’s Deployment: My opponent deployed about as close to me as he could (given that I was all the way to the right of the table edge). He set up as far to his left as he could. The two Looted Tanks went inside the Defense Line, along with the Boss and his squad (between the two tanks). The Killa Kanz set up directly in front of the Defense line. One big mob set up on the left and one on the right. The Lootas sat WAAAAAAY back at or beyond 36″. I didn’t kill many because they were so far away, but they also ran into LoS difficulty a couple of times due to the tanks and an impassible fortification on their right.

Turn One Summary: I did not get to go first (again). That’s 0-3 for going first in this tournament. My opponent sent the Kanz forward at a decent speed, but got really bad difficult terrain rolls for all three of his units of Boyz. When it came time to run or shoot, his run rolls were no more than 2″. His Lootas lit up my Avatar, doing 3 wounds. His tanks started to go to work on my Distortion Cannons, but the Conceal-Lock with the Guardians up front and the Protect-Lock with the artillery kept the wounds to a minimum–two from the Guardians and one from the artillery (if I remember correctly).

For my turn one, I promptly hid the Avatar out of LoS in the ruin (learning!) in order to preserve the Fearless bubble as long as possible and save him for the inevitable close combat/counter charge. Otherwise, I shuffled around a little bit and got down to shooting. My first turn of shooting was disappointing. After firing (almost) everything at the Kanz, there was still one left. I decided not to try and finish it but instead whittle down the mob on my left. The Scatter Laser did three wounds. The Sun Cannon (even twin-linked) scattered pretty badly and only did a couple of wounds to the mob on my right.

Turn Two Summary: The Dakka Jet does not come on. The Orks get really bad difficult terrain rolls AGAIN! The mobs are so big they will spend at least one more turn slogging out of the terrain. Worse still, the Boss gets a 1″ result and begins to fall behind. I know that the two big units are depending on him for some kind of save (Kustom Force Field or something), so either the mobs will have to slow down for the Boss, or the Boss is going to have to speed up. With the Avatar tucked away (and with it the opportunity for First Blood), the Lootas go to work on my Dire Avengers. The Avengers perform exactly as they have in the other two matches; they suck. I’m down to two after a single round of shooting. The tanks keep chipping away at the artillery and guardians, but although bad scatters and good saves (and T7, amirite?) keep the wounds to a minimum, I lose one of the Distortion Cannons.

For my turn two, I shuffled a bit but otherwise stayed put. My Jet Bikes came on, and I brought them on behind the ruin (and then Turbo-Boosted to the far left side where I thought to be safe behind a hill). I put the Quad Gun and a Scatter Laser into the mob on my left, and a Scatter Laser and the Sun Cannon into the mob on my right, getting a few wounds out of both. The Bright Lance did nothing.

Turn Three Summary: The Dakka Jet comes on and heads straight for my Distortion Cannons/Wraith Knight. The mobs both get good difficult terrain rolls. One finally gets out of the terrain, but the other still has models left behind. The kicker is that his Boss (whose Boyz are still trying to climb over the Defense Line) got another bad roll, so the two mobs have to stretch out like a conga line to stay in range of him. The Kan comes closer, but not close enough. Interceptor knocks the Dakka Jet down to a single Hull Point. When it comes time to run, the mob on my left gets a good roll, the Boss gets a bad roll (I’m actually starting to feel a bit sorry for him at this point) and the mob on the left gets a decent one (still in the terrain though). The mob on the left moves away from the Boss and gets ready for a Turn 4(!) charge. The Dakka Jet destroys another Distortion Cannon. The tanks don’t do much. The Lootas don’t do much either–wait, one unit doesn’t do much (LoS issues with the tanks) but the other puts a pounding on my Jet Bikes, which break but don’t go too far.

My turn three is awesome: The Jet Bikes fail to regroup but don’t run off the table. Misfortune on the mob on my right is successful. First, I fire the remaining cannon at the model keeping the Boss in range of the unit. It hits and I actually get two that fail their saves. My opponent goes to take two Orks from the front rank, but I remind him that the Distortion Cannon is a Barrage weapon…. My Wraith Knight (and the Guardian Squad on that side with the Scatter Laser) lights them up and does something like 17 wounds total. With Misfortune in play, the Orks fail every single one of their saves. Finally reduced to the point where morale matters, they fail their check (and fail the reroll after the Nob kills one of the Boyz) and run right back to where they started three turns ago! With the right side pretty secure, I try to do the same on the left but don’t have enough fire power. The mob is reduced to about 12 Boyz (and the Nob). Choosing to Shoot then Run (Battle Focus ftw) allows me to push some Guardians up to the Defense Line and get more bodies between the Orks and my Far Seer. I take out the last Kan.

Turn Four Summary: The mob on the right fails to rally (despite killing another of the Boyz?) and runs off the board. The Boss gets yet ANOTHER dismal difficult terrain role and decides to use it to climb back over the wall! Unbelievable luck. The mob on my left moves into (almost) guaranteed charge range. The Dakka Jet moves toward a board edge. I think he called the ‘Waaaagh’ last turn, but maybe it was this one. In any case, the Jet was not impressive at all. When it comes time to shoot, the mob on my left kills two or three guardians. The tanks kill off the last of the Guardians on the right side, but the Warlock survives! Because of the rules for Warlocks, since he became a part of the unit, he has to be removed too in order to give up a Kill Point! What luck! The mob on my left charges and Overwatch does nothing spectacular (two wounds maybe?). The charge is successful. The Nob does not issue a challenge, so I issue one with my Warlock, which the Nob accepts. Lo and Behold: The Warlock Wins!

My turn four is solid. The Jet Bikes regroup and I hide them behind the LoS blocking fortification. The Avatar moves into range to counter charge. I reposition the Wraith Knight so I can take shots at something (I don’t remember what, but we had a discussion about what would/would not get a cover save due to the ruins being between us). The lone Warlock hides in the ruins. I blow up one of the tanks and finally understand how FRAGILE they are! I could have done for both of them with a single round of shooting but just assumed (>.<) that they were at least AV13 in the front…. The Quad Gun and at least one Dire Avenger must have still been up, because I shot down the Dakka Jet (which explodes and scatters off the table). In the assault phase, the Avatar annihilates the remaining Orks. Unfortunately, the Avatar gets a 2″ consolidation roll and can’t make it back into the ruin. The Far Seer is also still out in the open, but back behind the Defense Line (they had gone over while piling in).

Turn Five Summary: My opponent doesn’t move much (or at all). First, he shoots my Avatar, which fails all of its saving throws. With the fearless bubble gone, he shoots everything else at my Far Seer, which is probably less than 6″ from the table edge. They go to ground to improve their cover save, but still take enough casualties to require a Leadership Check which, they pass (yay me).

For my turn five, I try to blow up the other tank and manage to wreck it(?), try to do enough damage to a Loota squad to make them take a check, but don’t, and…that’s it.

I win! But take second place. Why? Because while I was sweating out most of my matches, a solid, Aspect-Heavy Biel Tan Warhost was ANNIHILATING everything it touched, winning each match by huge margins. My meager, skin-of-my-shiny-Eldar-teeth wins paled in comparison. Though we were the only two players to go undefeated, his list was clearly more powerful than mine.


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