Round Two: I draw a Space Wolves army for an opponent. I know enough to be concerned about Long Fangs and Rune Priests (and “Jaws of the World Wolf”). Beyond that, I’m not sure what to worry about–Drop Pods maybe. The mission is Crusade (4 Objectives) with Mysterious Objectives. I don’t remember the secondary objectives. First Blood, Slay the Warlord, and Line Breaker were also in effect. Deployment style was Vanguard which, versus a list with Drop Pods, suited me fine.

Opponent’s List (picture below): My opponent’s list seemed like it had a little bit of everything; An HQ on a Thunder Wolf, a wolf pack, a Valkyrie(?) with a bajillion lasers, a stronghold (with Icarus), two drop pods, several psychers, a few guys in Terminator armor, a squad of Imperial Guard (another Las Cannon), and a unit of Long Fangs with 3 missile launchers and a Las Cannon.


Warlord Traits: My opponent rolled the one where his HQ is a scoring unit–this was actually critical to the outcome of the game. I didn’t bother to write mine down; it was the one where, once per game, my HQ (a Lolseer…) and his unit get Stealth. Meh.

Psychic Powers: On a side note, rolling up psychic powers in this edition is a gigantic time suck. I would personally like to get around this by rolling as many dice as possible at the same time, but the objection is that that method allows for too much ‘choice’. He took Biomancy powers for everyone; Iron Arm, the Blood Boil one (Hemorrhage), and Enfeeble being the ones that came into play during the game. Oddly, not a single Jaws of the World Wolf was attempted. I’m not sure why, and I didn’t ask. I got Guide, Prescience, and Misfortune for my Lolseer, Conceal and Psychic Shriek for my Spirit Seer, and decided to risk taking Embolden/Terrify with the Warlock (no one likes, ATSKNF).

My Deployment: I lost the roll to choose table sides, but won the roll to deploy and go first. I didn’t think he had any infiltrators, but I still set up reasonably spread out in order to push them back. I put the Wave Serpent with the Spirit Seer on my right, and the other one on the left. I kept the Night Spinners centralized but in the way back. The quad gun was roughly centered on my line, and I had two decent pieces of area terrain in my deployment zone. I deployed the Dire Avengers to man the quad gun and hold one of my Crusade objectives, and deployed the Guardians to man the defense line and hold the other objective.

My Opponent’s Deployment: During the fortification-placing phase, my opponent dropped his bastion roughly mid-table on his table edge. There was an objective maybe 4″ from the door. He deployed the IG in the bastion, but put the Commissar up on top with the Long Fangs (and the Icarus). He deployed his Thunder Wolf cavalry and wolf pack on my left, as close as possible while also almost entirely out of line of sight. He parked his rhino beside a very steep hill, making it very unlikely that I could pop it on turn one. One Drop Pod had 8 or so Space Wolves in it, including a Rune Priest(?). The other Drop Pod only had 4 models in it, but they all had combi-plasma.

My Turn One: No Night Fighting on turn one. As my opponent did not seize the initiative, I was able to move my vehicles (activating the Holo Field bonus) and select a target for First Blood. I chose the Long Fangs (and Commissar) for a number of reasons, but mostly because they were the only thing on the board my long range weapons (quad gun, Serpent Shield, Doom Weaver) could see CLEARLY. I got lucky and wiped out the entire squad of Long Fangs (and the Commissar) with the Night Spinners, so I took a shot at the Rhino but only took a Hull Point off. I also killed one or two wolves from the pack as a result of ‘look out sir’ silliness. Imagine wolves leaping in front of a heavily armored super-human in order to take a bullet…. The objective held by the Dire Avengers turned out to be nothing of note, but the other one turned out to be a Grav-Field Generator (halve the charge distance of any enemy that charges the unit in control of the objective). I immediately recognized the potential value of this vis a vis the Thunder Wolves and (during the movement phase) repositioned so that everything was as tight to the right as possible in order to definitely deny a turn one charge, and to set in motion a plan to stop even a turn two charge.


My Opponent’s Turn One: My opponent was clearly annoyed by how easily I had taken out his Long Fangs. He pushed his Thunder Wolves up on my left side, disembarked a psycher (Rune Priest?) from the Rhino (not sure that’s legal but not really worried about it in this case), and dropped his turn one pod so that the squad could disembark into coherency with the psycher. Interceptor does no wounds to the squad (he leads with a storm-shield terminator). He successfully cast Enfeeble on my Guardians (after confirming that their toughness was ‘3’), dropping them to T2. He then attempted to cast Hemorrhage on them. Lucky for me, I managed to Deny the Witch on that one. Otherwise, at T2 it’s quite possible my entire 20-strong squad of Guardians would have melted. Without the Long Fangs (or the Commissar) to man the Icarus, it was quiet. He forgot to shoot the Guardsmen’s Las Cannon from inside the bastion. Shooting from the unit that disembarked from the pod only resulted in a few wounds on my Guardians, despite their weakened condition.


My Turn Two: My Jet Bikes do not come on. I was determined to deal with anything that came within range, so I positioned my Guardians, my Wraith Guard (and the Wave Serpent) to be able to attack the recently disembarked Space Wolves and the drop pod they came in on…. It took a lot of shooting, but I killed the pod unit and put a wound (or two) on the Rune Priest from the rhino. I also wrecked the Drop Pod. Other shooting saw the wolf pack GREATLY reduced in numbers (call it a culling if you want). Knowing that a Drop Pod and Valkyrie were incoming (likely), I still kept fairly tight. I also made sure that both my Guardians and Dire Avengers were at maximum move/charge range for the cavalry. I did make a mistake this turn and move my Far Seer up too close to the Rune Priest. I wanted to get Misfortune going on things and honestly did not comprehend how overpowered the 24″ Deny the Witch on a 4+ is for Space Wolves.


My Opponent’s Turn Two: The second Drop Pod and the flyer come in. The Thunder Wolves get as close as they dare and try to set up a turn three charge. The Rhino just sits there. The Rune Priest casts Iron Arm(?) and goes to T7. He makes a self-admitted error by setting up his combi-plasma squad to try and take out my Lolseer; re-rollable cover saves make a mockery of his efforts. The flyer, instead of popping a vehicle, goes after my Wraith Knight, putting a wound or two on it (impressive rolling considering my Interceptor fire forced a Jink). The Las Cannon from inside the Bastion puts another wound on my Wraith Knight (yay for not making any 5++).


My Turn Three: My Jet Bikes come on. I deploy them waaaay left with an eye on an uncontested objective in my opponent’s deployment zone. During the shooting phase I turbo-boost behind some terrain, very near the objective. I push my Dire Avengers, Guardians, and the left-side Wave Serpent as far left as I can get them in order to put as many Bladestorm shots as possible into the Thunder Wolves. I leave the Wraith Guard on the right side on the board, but move the Wave Serpent out of the way. I also bring up the Night Spinner for a torrent attack on the 2nd pod squad. All of my Lolseer’s powers are denied. Wow. I was counting on Misfortune on the Thunder Wovles to ensure their demise. Without it, I wasn’t sure I could get it done. I didn’t want to disembark the Wraith Guard because I wanted to be able to get to the objective near the bastion with them. Long story short: the 2nd drop squad (and the pod) is annihilated, but it takes my Wraith knight to make it happen. His second marker scatters badly, both times. I end up shooting my own Night Spinner in the rear and blowing it up…. Luckily, I’d already used the torrent attack. The shooting at the Thunder Wolves takes the Warlord down to 1 wound. Lucky for him(?) he fails his leadership check and falls back a long way.

My Opponent’s Turn Three: His leader regroups and heads toward the objective marker (and my bikes). His flyer sets itself up to shoot at my bikes. He moves his Rhino up onto the hill and picks up the Rune Priest. Shooting from the bastion (gun emplacements and the Las Cannon) and the flyer kill two bikes, but the last one holds tight!

My Turn Four: Realizing that this will be the last turn (seriously, it takes for freaking EVER to roll up psychic powers in a psycher-heavy list), I can see that, just as in my first game, I have played too cautiously. My left-side Wave Serpent is too far away to do ANYTHING. I have firm control over my objectives, but since my opponent’s HQ is scoring, he can hold one objective. And, I know his Guardsmen will disembark from the building (and his Space Wolves from the Rhino, if necessary) and claim the other one. With nothing else to try, I move and turbo-boost my Lolseer onto the objective by his bastion. During my shooting, I focus everything on the Rhino. It explodes and I kill two or three (very lucky). The rest of my shooting whittles the squad down to one brave Space Wolf. I agonized over shooting at his Warlord, but it took so much shooting at the rhino squad (the goal being to reduce the rapid-fire potential versus my Lolseer) that I had nothing left.


My Opponent’s Turn Four: His flyer repositions to shoot my Lolseer. The Guardsmen leave the building and encircle my Lolseer. His Warlord prepares to charge my lone Jet Bike. My Lolseer makes all of his saves. Over Watch from the bike actually hits, but doesn’t wound (so close!). The Thunder Wolf Warlord charges in and annihilates my Jet Bike. The game ends.

I win 8-3 but only earn 15 points (plus a couple of extra for miscellaneous stuff) because a 5-point margin of victory isn’t enough to qualify as, “Major.”



Below is the list I took to a tournament on September 21, 2013. I took second on points while going undefeated (3 Minor Victories) in the tournament. I tried to put together a competitive list without going overboard with the cheese….


Far Seer

Jet Bike


Singing Spear

TOTAL: 160

Spirit Seer


1 Warlock “Council”



10 Dire Avengers


TOTAL: 140

20 Guardians

2 Bright Lances

TOTAL:  220

5 Wraith Guard

Wave Serpent

Scatter Lasers

Shuriken Cannon


TOTAL: 305

 6 Wraith Guard

Wave Serpent

Scatter Lasers

Shuriken Cannon


TOTAL: 337

1 Unit of 3 Jet Bikes



Night Spinner


Shuriken Cannon

TOTAL: 140

Night Spinner


Shuriken Cannon

TOTAL: 140

Wraith Knight

Sun Cannon/Shield

Scatter Laser

TOTAL: 300


Eldar Defense Line

Eldar Quad Gun

TOTAL: 1998

Competed in a decent sized (14 guys) ‘local’ tournament this past weekend. Went undefeated (3-0) but took second because points were more important that win/loss record. I beat the guy that took first (White Scars) in our head-to-head match, but not by enough to pass him. C’est la Vie, yes?

My army list will be a separate post, but here’s a picture:


Please excuse the lack of Scatter Lasers on my Wave Serpents; I’ve been working on a conversion and my magnets did not arrive in time. Please ALSO excuse the Wraith Guard–I made a last minute decision to compete and was preparing for an 1850 later in the month (that I’m not going to). Actually, please excuse anything that isn’t finished or looks wonky.

Round One: Hammer and Anvil deployment (terrain was pre-placed but we rolled for deployment style in each game). Mission was a variation on Emperor’s Will where each player placed 3 markers but only one of them (written down ahead of time) was the ‘real’ one. You could still earn points by investigating the fakes, but you had to control them, uncontested, for a turn in order to do so. Also, the 12″ rule for objective placement was waived. First Blood, Slay the Warlord, and Line Breaker also in effect. Additionally, you could earn bonus points for having investigated all of your opponent’s markers.

Neither of us even made it to ANY of the markers. I thought the mission could stand a bit of revision to ‘encourage’ more action.

Opponent’s List (picture below): Farsight Enclave (supplement). A bunch of crisis suits, 2 Riptides, and one Broadside w/ rail gun. Eldar allies were a Spirit Seer, 5 Wraith Guard, and a Wraith Knight (2 Heavy Wraith Cannons). The Eldar ‘manned’ the lascannon and hung out behind the defense line. When I saw these models while walking around before the tournament started, I may have muttered a curse or two.


Warlord Traits: Entirely useless and forgettable–I got Split Fire for my Mantle-of-the-Laughing-God-wearing Far Seer. Yay. Farsight comes with his own, but I don’t remember what it was.

Psychic Powers: I took Guide and Prescience for my Far Seer, and rolled Forewarning (4++). My Spirit Seer took Psychic Shriek and Conceal. My Warlock took Conceal.

My Deployment: I lost choosing which end of the table to play from, but I won first deployment and first turn. Despite this being an objective mission, I was glad to have a chance to get my powers up and take out something. The picture is from after my turn one. My Wraith Knight was standing in some area terrain but was a wee bit unstable, so I just put the base down (and almost forgot to shoot with him in turn 1). The 20-strong Guardian squad lined up at the defense line. The Dire Avengers (+Exarch with no upgrades) set up at the Quad Gun. The objectives were ‘mysterious’ so I positioned myself to pop all of them turn one as safely as possible. I put one Wave Serpent (6 Wraith Guard) and Night Spinner left, the other Wave Serpent, with the Spirit Seer, on the right. I deployed my Lolseer way back where he could see through the windows in the building to cast powers, but was very far away and hard to see. I kept the Jet Bikes in reserve.


My Opponent’s Deployment: He set up VERY strong on the left side (from my perspective), with the Riptides side by side and the Wraith Knight in the middle of the table. On the right side he deployed (having set up fortifications earlier) the Wraith Guard and Spirit Seer, one Crisis Suit, and the Broad Side. He held Farsight and two melta(?) suits in reserve for Deep Strike.

My Turn One: Having failed to seize the initiative and without Night Fighting in effect, I pushed forward a little bit on the left and on the right. One of my mysterious objectives was explodey-o, one was a grav field generator and one was nothing of note. It did not change my plans or positioning at all. My first turn shooting took out the Las Cannon, one Wraith Guard (Monofilament, y’all), took the shine off of one of his Riptides and destroyed a bunch of self-sacrificing Drones. Of note, without having to resort to cover saves or invulnerable saves, my opponent failed almost every armor save (3+). My ‘ok’ first round of shooting became an awesome first round of shooting….

My Opponent’s Turn One: He shuffled some drones around in the back field and pushed his Riptides and the Wraith Knight up the table. He put the Wraith Knight in some area terrain (base of a ruined building) but did not try to get cover for his Riptides. Where my first turn of shooting scored good results, his first turn was lamentable. He hit both of my Night Spinners hard enough to strip 2 Hull Points and get at least one pen’ on each of them, but all he did was shake one and stun the other. He didn’t even shoot at anything else. During the jet-pack move phase he shuffled around a bit more.


My Turn Two: The bikes come in, but I deploy them out of line of sight of the Riptide with Interceptor(?), on the right side. Some furious pre-measuring confirms that I can get my 6 Wraith Guard in range of one of the Riptides. Some more pre-measuring (and risk calculation) has me conga-line the Dire Avengers toward and into the ruin where the Wraith Knight was taking cover.

Dire Avengers (top) after the movement phase, before they used Battle Focus to 'conga line' into range of the Wraith Knight. Note the placement of the Exarch.

Dire Avengers (top) after the movement phase, before they used Battle Focus to ‘conga line’ into range of the Wraith Knight. Note the placement of the Exarch.

I moved my right-side Wave Serpent so that it’s rear faced off the table. I took a small risk and moved my Lolseer into the building with my objectives. Note: We both deployed objectives on the top level of buildings, /shrug. My turn two shooting was fantastic: The Riptide failed an invulnerable v. Distortion and was destroyed (First Blood). The Wave Serpent on the right softened up the Wraith Knight and the Dire Avengers (Run then Shoot) + Quad Gun finished him off (Battle Focus and Bladestorm, y’all). While he was stunned to see his Wraith Knight drop to S4 guns, I knew it was possible because it had happened to me at my last tournament. Still, he rolled very badly for his saves except when it came to Marker Drones (I didn’t kill one the entire game; they made all their saves).

Dude, where's my Riptide?

Dude, where’s my Riptide?

My Opponent’s Turn Two: Farsight arrives with a good look at the back end of my left-side Wave Serpent (and the Night Spinner that I had turbo-boosted in front of the Wraith Guard to provide some cover). Stunned by the loss of two of his three heavies in a single round of shooting, my opponent moved his remaining Riptide back into his deployment zone. Other than a half-hearted attempted to move his 2nd HQ’s Crisis Suit team up the table (to contest, maybe?), he doesn’t move anything forward. In his shooting phase, he declares split fire but fails to do anything at all to the Night Spinner. The Wave Serpent, on the other hand, explodes and I lose 1 Guardian. Concerted shooting from the rest of his army whittles the Wraith Guard down to 2. During the jet pack phase, Farsight doesn’t get a big enough move to make it into the ruin.

My Turn Three: On this turn, I make the mistake of not switching to a more aggressive mind-set on the right flank. This ends up costing me a shot at a ‘major’ victory. With the bikes and the Wave Serpent completely untouched, I SHOULD have turbo-boosted deep into his deployment zone and set up a turn 4 (we were only going to get four turns in) sweep & grab of at least one of his objectives. On the left side, I moved the now largely useless Night Spinner into a position to try to provide some cover for the remaining Wraith Guard, without granting a cover save for the Riptide (or for Farsight). The Guardians surge forward over the defense line and the Dire Avengers shuffle a bit in order to be in range but closer to the defense line. It takes my entire army to kill him, but Farsight goes down. The Guardians get a 1″ run move and cannot make it back behind the defense line. Lucky for me, they have Forewarning (4++). The Dire Avengers do not make it back over the defense line either.

Wasn't Farsight here just a moment ago?

Wasn’t Farsight here just a moment ago?

My Opponent’s Turn Three: He moved the Riptide back even further, and moved the Commander’s squad up to be in range(?). Since the Guardians were hanging out in the open, he over/super/nova charged his big spinny-gun and let loose on them. He got 8 wounds, I made 5 4++ saves. Bad day for the Tau. He also wrecked the Night Spinner on the left and finished off the remaining Wraith Guard. During the jet pack phase he moves his Commander up a bit more.

My Turn Four: I move my Wraith Knight up because everything is suddenly beyond 36″. I make another chicken move with my Wave Serpent on the right side (and the Jet Bikes too). I bring the Guardians and Dire Avengers back behind the defense line. For shooting, I make a half-hearted attempt to kill a lone Crisis Suit, but his Drones turn out to be studs. My Wraith Knight puts a big hurt (maybe 9 wounds total) on the Commander’s squad, chewing up a bunch more drones and a suit. He makes his Morale Check and stays put.

If you squint a bit, you can see my chicken Wave Serpent in the upper right.

If you squint a bit, you can see my chicken Wave Serpent in the upper right.

My Opponent’s Turn Four: There is virtually nothing he can do. He takes a pot-shot at my Lolseer with the Rail Gun, but misses. The game ends.

I earn a ‘minor’ victory.

Round 3: Vanguard Deployment. Primary Mission: Kill Points. Secondary Mission: “We Need Those” (1 Point for each of YOUR Heavy Support units still alive and in play at the end of the game). First Blood, Slay the Warlord and Line Breaker also in effect.

Opponent’s List: Ork Boss with the gravity-field generator thing, two large units (22+) of Boyz with Nobz, one small unit of Boyz (with the Boss), one unit of 3 Killa Kanz, two Looted Tanks, two units of Lootas (8+), a Dakka Flyer (with extra Dakka) and a Defense Line (no gun).

Warlord Traits: Entirely forgettable and useless.

My Psychic Powers: Guide, Prescience and MISFORTUNE <—- Ding! Ding! Ding! My Warlocks got Protect, Conceal, and Conceal.

My Deployment: Fortunately, I won the right to choose my table side and got a beautiful ruin (3 levels!) to castle up in. I learned my lesson from my second round game against the Necron and placed a Guardian squad directly behind the Defense Line, but in front of the Distortion Cannons. The Defense Line wrapped almost all the way around the building. There was a fair amount of open ground between the sides of the board, which was fortunate for me. I put the Wraith Knight behind the corner of the ruin (and fairly well back) on the right edge, the Distortion Cannons in the middle, and the Quad Gun and Dire Avengers (and Avatar) on the left. I kept the Far Seer inside the ruin. He could see the Wraith Knight, the Guardian squad at the Defense Line and the Distortion Cannons (through a window) but would be entirely out of LoS for a couple of turns at least.

Who says Eldar can't castle?

Who says Eldar can’t castle?

My Opponent’s Deployment: My opponent deployed about as close to me as he could (given that I was all the way to the right of the table edge). He set up as far to his left as he could. The two Looted Tanks went inside the Defense Line, along with the Boss and his squad (between the two tanks). The Killa Kanz set up directly in front of the Defense line. One big mob set up on the left and one on the right. The Lootas sat WAAAAAAY back at or beyond 36″. I didn’t kill many because they were so far away, but they also ran into LoS difficulty a couple of times due to the tanks and an impassible fortification on their right.

Turn One Summary: I did not get to go first (again). That’s 0-3 for going first in this tournament. My opponent sent the Kanz forward at a decent speed, but got really bad difficult terrain rolls for all three of his units of Boyz. When it came time to run or shoot, his run rolls were no more than 2″. His Lootas lit up my Avatar, doing 3 wounds. His tanks started to go to work on my Distortion Cannons, but the Conceal-Lock with the Guardians up front and the Protect-Lock with the artillery kept the wounds to a minimum–two from the Guardians and one from the artillery (if I remember correctly).

For my turn one, I promptly hid the Avatar out of LoS in the ruin (learning!) in order to preserve the Fearless bubble as long as possible and save him for the inevitable close combat/counter charge. Otherwise, I shuffled around a little bit and got down to shooting. My first turn of shooting was disappointing. After firing (almost) everything at the Kanz, there was still one left. I decided not to try and finish it but instead whittle down the mob on my left. The Scatter Laser did three wounds. The Sun Cannon (even twin-linked) scattered pretty badly and only did a couple of wounds to the mob on my right.

Turn Two Summary: The Dakka Jet does not come on. The Orks get really bad difficult terrain rolls AGAIN! The mobs are so big they will spend at least one more turn slogging out of the terrain. Worse still, the Boss gets a 1″ result and begins to fall behind. I know that the two big units are depending on him for some kind of save (Kustom Force Field or something), so either the mobs will have to slow down for the Boss, or the Boss is going to have to speed up. With the Avatar tucked away (and with it the opportunity for First Blood), the Lootas go to work on my Dire Avengers. The Avengers perform exactly as they have in the other two matches; they suck. I’m down to two after a single round of shooting. The tanks keep chipping away at the artillery and guardians, but although bad scatters and good saves (and T7, amirite?) keep the wounds to a minimum, I lose one of the Distortion Cannons.

For my turn two, I shuffled a bit but otherwise stayed put. My Jet Bikes came on, and I brought them on behind the ruin (and then Turbo-Boosted to the far left side where I thought to be safe behind a hill). I put the Quad Gun and a Scatter Laser into the mob on my left, and a Scatter Laser and the Sun Cannon into the mob on my right, getting a few wounds out of both. The Bright Lance did nothing.

Turn Three Summary: The Dakka Jet comes on and heads straight for my Distortion Cannons/Wraith Knight. The mobs both get good difficult terrain rolls. One finally gets out of the terrain, but the other still has models left behind. The kicker is that his Boss (whose Boyz are still trying to climb over the Defense Line) got another bad roll, so the two mobs have to stretch out like a conga line to stay in range of him. The Kan comes closer, but not close enough. Interceptor knocks the Dakka Jet down to a single Hull Point. When it comes time to run, the mob on my left gets a good roll, the Boss gets a bad roll (I’m actually starting to feel a bit sorry for him at this point) and the mob on the left gets a decent one (still in the terrain though). The mob on the left moves away from the Boss and gets ready for a Turn 4(!) charge. The Dakka Jet destroys another Distortion Cannon. The tanks don’t do much. The Lootas don’t do much either–wait, one unit doesn’t do much (LoS issues with the tanks) but the other puts a pounding on my Jet Bikes, which break but don’t go too far.

My turn three is awesome: The Jet Bikes fail to regroup but don’t run off the table. Misfortune on the mob on my right is successful. First, I fire the remaining cannon at the model keeping the Boss in range of the unit. It hits and I actually get two that fail their saves. My opponent goes to take two Orks from the front rank, but I remind him that the Distortion Cannon is a Barrage weapon…. My Wraith Knight (and the Guardian Squad on that side with the Scatter Laser) lights them up and does something like 17 wounds total. With Misfortune in play, the Orks fail every single one of their saves. Finally reduced to the point where morale matters, they fail their check (and fail the reroll after the Nob kills one of the Boyz) and run right back to where they started three turns ago! With the right side pretty secure, I try to do the same on the left but don’t have enough fire power. The mob is reduced to about 12 Boyz (and the Nob). Choosing to Shoot then Run (Battle Focus ftw) allows me to push some Guardians up to the Defense Line and get more bodies between the Orks and my Far Seer. I take out the last Kan.

Turn Four Summary: The mob on the right fails to rally (despite killing another of the Boyz?) and runs off the board. The Boss gets yet ANOTHER dismal difficult terrain role and decides to use it to climb back over the wall! Unbelievable luck. The mob on my left moves into (almost) guaranteed charge range. The Dakka Jet moves toward a board edge. I think he called the ‘Waaaagh’ last turn, but maybe it was this one. In any case, the Jet was not impressive at all. When it comes time to shoot, the mob on my left kills two or three guardians. The tanks kill off the last of the Guardians on the right side, but the Warlock survives! Because of the rules for Warlocks, since he became a part of the unit, he has to be removed too in order to give up a Kill Point! What luck! The mob on my left charges and Overwatch does nothing spectacular (two wounds maybe?). The charge is successful. The Nob does not issue a challenge, so I issue one with my Warlock, which the Nob accepts. Lo and Behold: The Warlock Wins!

My turn four is solid. The Jet Bikes regroup and I hide them behind the LoS blocking fortification. The Avatar moves into range to counter charge. I reposition the Wraith Knight so I can take shots at something (I don’t remember what, but we had a discussion about what would/would not get a cover save due to the ruins being between us). The lone Warlock hides in the ruins. I blow up one of the tanks and finally understand how FRAGILE they are! I could have done for both of them with a single round of shooting but just assumed (>.<) that they were at least AV13 in the front…. The Quad Gun and at least one Dire Avenger must have still been up, because I shot down the Dakka Jet (which explodes and scatters off the table). In the assault phase, the Avatar annihilates the remaining Orks. Unfortunately, the Avatar gets a 2″ consolidation roll and can’t make it back into the ruin. The Far Seer is also still out in the open, but back behind the Defense Line (they had gone over while piling in).

Turn Five Summary: My opponent doesn’t move much (or at all). First, he shoots my Avatar, which fails all of its saving throws. With the fearless bubble gone, he shoots everything else at my Far Seer, which is probably less than 6″ from the table edge. They go to ground to improve their cover save, but still take enough casualties to require a Leadership Check which, they pass (yay me).

For my turn five, I try to blow up the other tank and manage to wreck it(?), try to do enough damage to a Loota squad to make them take a check, but don’t, and…that’s it.

I win! But take second place. Why? Because while I was sweating out most of my matches, a solid, Aspect-Heavy Biel Tan Warhost was ANNIHILATING everything it touched, winning each match by huge margins. My meager, skin-of-my-shiny-Eldar-teeth wins paled in comparison. Though we were the only two players to go undefeated, his list was clearly more powerful than mine.