WIP: Noise Marine Lord on “Iron Horse”

August 23, 2013

Finally received the last of the bits I wanted in order to convert the Slaanesh Lord for my Noise Marine army. I detest the Chaos Bike, both in concept and in execution. In fact, I detest bikes (ravenwing, white scars, scout bikes, blah blah blah). Who rides a freaking motorcycle into battle and then rides around on it while in a melee? No one, that’s who. On top of that lunacy, the models are entirely unimpressive. So, “Iron Horse” it is. In fact, that will be the name of this warband; Iron Horse. I will have another magnet on the model before it is finished in addition to the two already on it (left shoulder, weapon in right hand). The third magnet will go either on the right or left flank of the iron horse so I can display special wargear/weapons (such as the Burning Brand, etc.). The model will also pull double duty as a Steed of Slaanesh if need be.

Noise Marine Lord Front

Noise Marine Lord Right

Noise Marine Lord Magnets


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