August 3 1500 Point Tournament Battle Report. Round 2 of 3: Eldar (Foot) v. Necron

August 11, 2013

First off, no pictures (at all) for this report. I was openly weeping at the end of turn one and didn’t stop crying until I snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Actually, I kept crying, but for a different reason. Round 2 was very emotional. In any case, I completely forgot to take pictures.

Round 2: Hammer and Anvil deployment. Automatic Night Fighting on Turn 1. Night Fighting on Turn 2 on a 4+. Deployment allowed anywhere in player’s table half (1″ from opposing models). Initiative seized on a 5+. Crusade, random number of objectives. We end up with 4; two in my deployment zone, one mid-table(ish) and one in my opponents table half.

Opponent’s List: 3 Annihilation Barges, Ghost Ark, 10 Immortals, 2 squads of 10 warriors (or thereabouts), Night Scythe (transport version), Lord with mind-shackle scarabs and resurrection orb. Some C’Tan thing, 5 or 6 scarab swarms.

Warlord Traits: I get to add 1″ to my run rolls. My opponent gets to Outflank with whatever unit his lord joins. He puts him in the Night Scythe.

My Psychic Powers: Warlocks got Conceal, Conceal, and Embolden. Far Seer got Guide, Prescience and Perfect Timing.

My Deployment: I win the roll to deploy first and get a good amount of cover on my end of the table. I put one warlock in each Guardian squad (Embolden with the squad the Far Seer joins). Even though I can deploy up to the table half, I treat it as normal and set up my defense line 12″ back. I have a single-story ruin to my left that I do not occupy, area terrain in the middle (with an objective marker) where I deploy my Wraith Knight and Far Seer squad (Bright Lance), and a two-story ruin on my right that I put two guardian squads in. Both the Dire Avenger Exarch and the Avatar are in base contact with the quad gun. The Distortion Cannons are front and center, right at the defense line. Jet Bikes are in reserve.

Opponent’s Deployment: Having gotten a look at my deployment and knowing Night Fighting would be in effect for at least the first turn, my opponent deploys a strong flank. 3 Annihilation Barges and the C’Tan dude crowd together just around the corner of a two-story ruin, right at the limit of his table half. The ruin was completely on his half of the board, otherwise I might have considered deploying something there. In the ruin went the Immortals and the Scarab Swarms. The Scarabs were completely out of line of sight on the ground floor, but in reality only maybe 13″ or so from my Distortion Cannons. The flyer is (of course) in reserve. The Ghost Ark deploys well back on his table half and almost completely out of LoS behind an impassible building, but fairly close (one turn of moving at most) away from the objective on his table half.

Turn 1 Summary: So, my opponent steals the initiative with a natural ‘6’. His Immortals don’t do too much. His Scarabs pop out of nowhere and head straight for my Distortion Cannons like __________ heading for ___________ (fill in the blanks with your favorite idiom that describes the way in which someone or something goes after something they or it wants very much). The Annihilation Barges put four wounds on my Wraith Knight (which makes MAYBE a single save). The Scarabs easily survive the Overwatch from the artillery crew (taking 1 wound), and then kill two or three guardians for very little damage in return. Regardless, everyone involved is Fearless so it goes nowhere. For my turn one, I move my Wraith Knight away from the barges (but cannot make it into the two-story ruin to my right). The Knight shoots at the Immortals and puts three down but two stand back up again. The Dire Avengers (Shimmer Shield and Power Maul) leave the quad gun and prepare to counter-charge the scarabs. I move the Avatar toward the barges and their C’Tan escort. No shooting from anything else does anything at all. In the close combat, the Dire Avengers remove a base or two (three wounds done) and then lose everything but the Exarch (including the remaining artillery crewman). Still Fearless, he sticks in. I have thrown good money after bad and my tears flow like ________________ (as above, please complete this simile with your favorite expression).

Turn 2 Summary: Night Fighting ends. The Night Scythe does not come on. The Annihilation Barges annihilate my Wraith Knight. My Avatar gets three wounds knocked off. My Far Seer’s squad takes four or five casualties. In the close combat, the Dire Avenger Exarch reveals himself to be a waste of points. Two bases of Scarabs consolidate toward a guardian squad. For my turn two, I move my Far Seer squad into the two-story ruin with all due haste (and some extra haste too, let’s be honest). The Jet Bikes do not come on. My Avatar moves into Melta range of one of the barges. I put guide and prescience on guardian squads and wait for the scarabs to charge, figuring that rerolls on Overwatch will take care of the few wounds remaining in the swarms. The Avatar hits twice but fails even to glance with either shot. I spend time shooting the C’Tan dude (figuring it will counter-charge my Avatar) and take a couple of wounds off of it. In the Assault Phase, the Avatar easily destroys a barge, blowing it up.

Turn 3 Summary: The Night Scythe still does not come on. My opponent ignores my Avatar during the shooting phase. He begins moving the Immortals to the ground level of the ruin so they will be in position to take the central objective marker, but gets a very poor roll (3″ or so). The Ghost Ark comes out of hiding and heads toward the nearest objective marker. The barges sit tight and tear stuff up. In the Assault Phase, Overwatch does, indeed, take care of the Scarabs. The C’Tan charges my Avatar. I -think- the Avatar hit with one of his shots on Overwatch and did a wound, then proceeds to Smash for 2+ to wound rolls (not so much for instant death), miss with all but one attack and either failed to wound with the one that hit or else it was saved by the C’Tan (Things are fuzzy, ok? I was watching this through a veil of tears). At any rate, the C’Tan snickered and butchered my Avatar. For my turn three, the Jet Bikes come on. I bring them on near the ruin. Shooting takes out the C’Tan. I turbo-boost the Jet Bikes to what I think is a ‘safe’ spot behind a hill mid-field. I finish the turn controlling 1 objective marker, with the other three uncontested.

Turn 4 Summary: My opponent rolls a ‘1’ for his Night Scythe. I politely inform him (through my tears) that reserves are automatic on Turn 4. He is pleasantly surprised. He puts the flyer at the edge of the area terrain in my deployment zone (the one between the two ruins) with an objective marker. Interceptor ALMOST gets it done, taking two Hull Points off. Living Metal or It Will Not Die (whichever) does not restore it at the end of the turn. The Lord and a squad of warriors deploy from the Night Scythe directly onto the objective marker. The Immortals get a HORRIBLE difficult terrain roll trying to get out of the building toward the mid-field objective marker. The Ghost Ark shoots the crud out of my Jet Bikes. They don’t break, but I’m left with only one. Two of my guardian squads take wounds, one of them goes to ground. The Immortals get a HORRIBLE run roll of one inch and are still not fully out of the building. For my turn four, I put prescience and perfect timing on the Far Seer’s squad and adjust them so they’re within 12″ of the warrior squad in my back-field. I put guide on the Scatter Laser squad that did NOT go to ground. I shuffle them around a bit to improve their chances of survival (the Annihilation Barges are parallel to my defense line, so I’m not getting cover from it anymore). I pull the Jet Bike all the way back to the very corner on my right where it cannot be shot by anything. The Far Seer’s squad puts a few wounds into the Warriors, but only result in 1 or 2 models actually being removed. The Scatter Laser squad glances the Night Scythe to death. At the end of turn four, my opponent controls one objective and I control one objective.

Turn 5 Summary: The Immortals get another dismal difficult terrain roll. The Warrior squad in my back-field re-positions so the Lord will tank all wounds. His shooting does not do too much (conceal Warlock and going to ground for the Guardian squad actually holding the objective). His Immortals get a run roll that leaves them OVER 3″ away from the mid-field objective marker (less than 4″ though!). For my turn five, the Far Seer casts Guide and Perfect Timing. The squad moves as close as possible to the objective marker currently held by the Lord. I move the Jet Bike toward the mid-field. My Far Seer’s squad puts two Bladestorm wounds into the Lord’s squad. His Lookout Sir rolls are good and then he tanks the rest of the wounds without failing a single one. Battle focus puts the Far Seer’s squad within 3″ of the objective. Because of the way the Warriors had been positioned (with the Lord in front), there was enough room to get close without taking a risk and assaulting. The Jet Bike turbo-boosts to the mid-field objective. The game ends. At the end of Turn 5, I hold two uncontested objectives to my opponent’s one.

I win.


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