August 3 1500 Point Tournament Battle Report. Round 1 of 3: Eldar (Foot) v. Eldar (Mech-ish)

August 6, 2013

Note: I love capitalizing stuff and throwing in Completely Unnecessary Punctuation; don’t judge.

Round 1: Dawn of War, 3 objectives on the mid-line (one center, the others 12″ from right and left table edge). Primary Mission: 1 Victory Point for each objective controlled by a scoring unit at the START of the player’s turn. 3 Victory Points for each objective controlled by a scoring unit at the end of the game. First Blood, Slay the Warlord and Line Breaker also in effect.

Opponent’s List: Mostly Mechdar, but quite a mish-mash that included 1 Falcon, 1. Night Spinner, 1 Fire Prism and 2 Wave Serpents. HQs were a Far Seer and the Avatar of Khaine. Troops were 2 squads of Guardians and 1 10-man squad of Dire Avengers (Exarch had Dire Sword/Shuriken Pistol). Also an Aegis Defense Line and a Quad Gun.

Warlord Traits: Useless and forgettable.

Opponent’s Psychic Powers: I don’t remember what my opponent rolled; his Farseer was dead at the end of turn one.

My Psychic Powers: Warlocks got Embolden, Conceal, Conceal. Far Seer got Doom, Guide and Prescience.

Opponent’s Deployment: My opponent deployed first. Far Seer deployed with a guardian squad on the ground behind the defense line, along with the avatar. The Wave Serpent with Guardians deployed to my left (across from an objective marker) and the Wave Serpent with Dire Avengers deployed to my right (across from another objective marker). The Night Spinner deployed well back with ruins for cover. The Falcon deployed in the center back. The Fire Prism deployed to my right.

My Deployment: I deployed the Wraith Knight in area terrain on the left side and the Avatar just to the right of center. I deployed the Distortion Cannons, with a Warlock (Conceal) in area terrain (crater). I deployed my Far Seer, one Warlock (Embolden), and one of the Scatter Laser Guardians to the left of center and the two other Guardian squads (one with a Conceal Warlock) in a three-story ruin on the right. I put the Quad Gun on my defense line and position the Dire Avengers to man it. I kept the Jet Bikes in reserve.

Round 1 Deployment


Round 1 Deployment Ruins


Turn One Summary: My opponent’s Far Seer failed to cast his first power, rolled a perils on the second power, and spent his last warp charge to avoid taking a wound. He shot at four (?) different targets in his turn, not doing significant damage to anything except my Avatar, putting 2 wounds on it. In return, I cast doom on his deployed Guardian Squad (with Far Seer attached), and annihilated them all with a combination of shooting from the Distortion Cannons (Prescience) and the Wraith Knight (Laser Lock). The Bright Lance (Guide) took a hull point off of the Fire Prism.

Turn Two Summary: My opponent disembarked his guardians onto a hill within 12″ of my Wraith Knight and on an objective marker. They produce exactly 6 Blade Storm wounds. The Knight fails all of his invulnerable saves. I cry a little. The Dire Avengers disembark and between them and the Wave Serpent they rode in on, kill the Avatar (who had moved out to try a long turn one charge against the Wave Serpent, but failed). I cry a little more. The Conceal Warlock with the Distortion Cannons earns his keep as their cover saves prevent them from taking any wounds from the Night Spinner. The Fire Prism fires one of the Guardian squads on the right (in the ruin). Finally, his Avatar makes a successful charge against my Far Seer’s squad. He issues a challenge and I accept with my Warlock. The Avatar disarms my Warlock who gets revenge by surviving the first round unscathed (two rerolls from the Guardians come in very handy). In the bottom of turn two, my Jet Bikes come on (I bring them in on the left and turbo-boost to the right). Distortion Cannons (Prescience), Doom, and the Quad Gun reduce my opponent’s plucky Guardian squad to 1 + the weapon platform; he makes his morale check (no longer in range of his Avatar). On the right, I move a squad out to be in range of the Dire Avengers, but do not dislodge them. Battle Focus is insufficient for my squad to get back into the ruin. The Bright Lance (Guide) immobilizes the Fire Prism, which still has very good firing lanes. The Warlock survives another round of close combat with the Avatar.

Warlock v. Avatar


Turn Three Summary: My opponent earns 2 Victory Points for holding the objectives. He pushes the Wave Serpent on my left into my backfield, heading for the Distortion Cannons. He continues to do a little shooting at a lot of targets rather than focusing. The Distortion Cannons take a couple of wounds (losing one cannon).  My Dire Avengers take several wounds but make their morale check. The Guardians in the open are all cut down, but the weapon platform and the troops still in the ruin survive, and make their morale check as well. A lucky scatter kills two of the Guardians cheering for my studly Warlock; he is reduced to only one re-roll per round but still survives! For my part of turn three, I put my Jet Bikes on the objective marker on the right side (pretty much right in front of the immobilized Fire Prism and the Wave Serpent). Shooting from the Quad Gun, Dire Avengers, Jet Bikes and Guardians kills the remaining Dire Avengers. The Distortion Cannons (Guide) kill the remaining Guardian on the left. My opponent has no scoring units on the board. My Super-Lock (Prescience) manages to hold onto his Witch Blade, survive the Avatar’s attacks, then force the Avatar to make two saves (it does).

Turn Four Summary: My opponent remembers that the Night Spinner has a Torrent weapon, and moves it up to the center. He moves the Wave Serpent on my left closer to my Distortion Cannons. Determined (and more focused shooting) fails to kill off my Jet Bikes or my cannons. My Warlock survives another round of, “Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge.” I earn 1 Victory Point for holding an objective marker. I move both Guardian squads out of the ruin and toward the center objective marker. I drop a template from the Distortion Cannons on the Falcon but fail to do anything. The Quad Gun glances the Falcon to death. I nudge the Jet Bikes even closer to the Fire Prism and dare it to drop a template on them. My brave little Warlock finally succumbs to the might of the Avatar, but we make our morale check and stay stuck in.

Turn Five Summary: My opponent places the Night Spinner between my Bright Lance squad and the center marker, then proceeds to kill 6 or 7 with the torrent. The other squad is reduced to a single (female) Guardian. The Wave Serpent in my back field destroys the Distortion Cannons, but the Warlock survives. The other Wave Serpent kills my Jet Bikes. The last of my Dire Avengers go down. Both Guardian squads make their morale checks. The Avatar challenges, and my Far Seer accepts (can’t be shown up by a mere Warlock, right?). He is promptly and thoroughly squished. The Guardians fail their morale check and are cut down as they run; brutal. In the bottom of turn five, I get the lone Guardian to the center objective. I wreck the Night Spinner by glancing it to death with plasma grenades from the Bright Lance squad (the Warlock gets a penetrating hit with his Witch Blade, but it doesn’t blow up). The Warlock from the Distortion Cannons assaults the other Wave Serpent but fails to do anything at all to it. The game ends, I win by the thinnest of margins.

She's a Winner.


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