WIP: Eldar Wraith Knight #3 (Final)

June 22, 2013

All right, although there is detail work remaining (very small conversions here and there and the shoulder/hip plates which I plan on attaching after painting), my first Eldar Wraith Knight’s build is done. In this session I did some work on the head, pinned and built up the neck, modified the jet-bike hood to serve as cod piece, settled on final torso and head poses, magnetized the star cannons that come with the Wraith Knight (I like their look better than the ‘old’ star cannons), added another, smaller, magnet to the Wraith Knight’s right foot (near the toes) and took some pictures….

First, the head. The cod piece makes a more than passing fair ‘crest’ and gives it a more aggressive look.

Wraith Knight Head

Pinning the neck was easy enough, as was adding green stuff to make it longer. I didn’t have to try to replicate the look of the neck as I didn’t make it that much taller. The elongated neck allowed me to position the head as if looking ‘askance’ (a little to the side, a little down) at something on the ground out in front of it.

Wraith Knight Pinned Neck

I have decided to run a Sun Cannon/Scatter Shield with Scatter Laser. I repositioned the Sun Cannon to sit under the forearm and did a little bit of conversion work on the funky ‘brace’ type thing that goes around it. Check out that jet bike cod piece!

Wraith Knight Sun Cannon

Or a Ghost Glaive/Scatter Shield with 2 Star Cannons. This is my favorite pose/picture.

Wraith Knight Ghost Glaive

I will wrap up this WIP with an observation: When I build another (I will, without doubt), I will pack some of the pieces (shoulder, pelvis, foot, etc.) with green stuff before gluing them together/on. There wasn’t enough material in the interior of the model to support the pinning I did (maybe the brass rod I used was too thin /shrug).  That is, the pins did not seem to increase the overall stability/strength of the joints. Here are a couple of pictures of (some of) the parts I will fill:

Wraith Knight Shoulder

Wraith Knight Pelvis

Wraith Knight Foot

Thanks for reading!

P.s. In it’s first turn ever, the scatter laser hits (Laserlock!) but all THREE shots with the Sun Cannon scatter off into nowhere even with rerolls. >.< It did make up for it later in the game by pulverizing a chaos lord and champion in quick succession.


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