WIP: Eldar Wraith Knight #2

June 22, 2013

During my second work session on the Wraith Knight, I magnetized the hip/leg connection, decided on the stance, pinned the hips and ankles, reinforced/filled in the hip sockets with green stuff, put metal plates on the base(s) and decided to do a minor conversion on the Wraith Knight’s head/neck.

Magnetizing the hip/leg connection was easy–and the way the hip is sculpted means that (with the right magnet combination) the legs will be very stable.

Wraith Knight Hip Assembly

With the hip/leg connection magnetized and the hips pinned (but not locked down) to the pelvis, I fiddled around until I found a pose that seemed reasonably heroic. Finding the proper pose did, in fact, require the amazing healing power of beer.

Eldar Wraith Knight Pose

I proceeded to reinforce/fill in the hip socket with green stuff (partial print included gratis).

Wraith Knight Hip and Pelvis

After a couple of hours curing time, I  set the Wraith Knight on its base(s). I decided to appropriate one of the, “Is that an Eldar missile or something?” bases from an unbuilt model because it was just about the perfect height. With the base(s) set, I cut and trimmed two pieces of stainless steel (I didn’t go buy stainless on purpose, it’s what I found) with my tin snips and super-glued them on the base(s).

Wraith Knight Base

While working out the torso and head poses (contrapposto amirite?) I decided (no offense to the sculptor, I know the head sculpt is cannon) that I did not like the head or the lack of ‘neck’. My solution was to take the cod piece piece and use it to protect the Wraith Knight’s melon (good enough for your grapes, good enough for your melon?). I planned to replace it with a jet bike hood left over from a conversion. I also planned to pin the neck and build it up with green stuff.

Eldar Wraith Knight Pose

Nobody fears an egghead. One more WIP on the way.


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