WIP: Eldar Wraith Knight

June 19, 2013

I have some time on my hands, so I’m trying to keep them busy by building a Wraith Knight.  As previously established, I’m not much of a modeler or painter.  That won’t stop me from sharing the decisions I’ve made so far.

Firstly, I removed the ‘index’ points from the hips and ankles and filled in the recess with green stuff.  This was very straightforward.  The hips will be pinned and magnetized so the legs are removable (for moar better storage amirite?).  The ankles will be pinned.

Wraith Knight hip(s) and feet.


Secondly, I decided to magnetize the shoulder mounts, having noticed right away that the hole on top was very near 3/16″.  I found (really–my bit boxes are never where I think I left them) a 3/16″ wood bit (Brad Point?) and a regular 3/16″ bit and removed material (by hand) until the magnets sat nicely.

Wraith Knight torso.


Thirdly, I decided to magnetize the feet (an entirely borrowed idea) to make it easier to store the model.  I used the wood bit again.  It provides a better ‘shoulder’ for the magnet to sit on than a standard drill bit, while standard drill bits remove material faster.

3/16" wood bit (brad point?) included for reference.

3/16″ wood bit (brad point?) included for reference.


I did not have any trouble gluing in these magnets (fairly beefy n52 strength), but as I have had trouble in the past, I am including a picture of the best solution I’ve come up with to date.  The magnets are level and stable on the back of the knife blade and there is much less chance of getting glue where it isn’t wanted.

My magnet placing technique.


More later.


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