Eldar Swooping Hawk Conversion

February 12, 2013

Eldar Swooping Hawk (corsair knock-off) Conversion

You will need:

  • Very thin plasticard
  • Pencil, scissors, glue, etc.

Inspired by a press-mold knock-off of the Forge World corsair wings (made by the From the Warp guy),

From the Warp's conversion.

From the Warp’s conversion.

and further motivated by the ludicrous cost of Swooping Hawks (real money, not point values—but for what you get, they are ridiculously over-priced in the codex as well), I decided to see if I could make some passable conversions.

After some fruitless (pointless) research into dragonfly wings, I settled on a pattern:


I decided to sandwich the ‘blade’ of the wing between two ‘arms’.  I cut out a master template, then traced it onto plasticard (enough for 10 Swooping Hawks) and set to cutting.


Once I had a pair done (and glued up), I examined how best (i.e. easiest) to attach them to the guardians I was converting.  They were very cheap off of ebay, so I didn’t mind hacking them up in the least.  The wings needed to look like they were actually integrated into the backpack, the shuriken catapult (slingshot more like, amirite?) needed to be converted to a lasblaster, and they needed something else to set them apart from regular guardians.  I also needed an exarch.  I can’t sculpt for anything, so that was out.  My solution to the wing/backpack problem required cutting part of the back-pack off of the guardian.  I used flush-cutting pliers and left the TOP of the backpack untouched.  I also needed to cut notches into the top/bottom of where the wings join:


My solution to the shuriken/lasblaster problem (I SWEAR I’ve seen this catapult-sandwich conversion in a White Dwarf):



My solution to the ‘needs something else to look different’ problem (grenade pack as tail feathers).  Also notice the simple green stuff work:



My solution for the exarch and sunrifle (dire avenger catapult with shuriken cannon on top):


Semi-finished painting pictures:




2 Responses to “Eldar Swooping Hawk Conversion”

  1. While I don’t think I would do the wings the same way, i had had the same idea for making the LAsblasters, and its good to know it looks cool.

    Now to nosey through the rest opf this blog 😉

    • sparebulb Says:

      Thanks! In a bit of irony(?) I haven’t played my Swooping Hawks in even a single competitive game, so they’ve never seen a table. But, I can’t bring myself to try to sell them….

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