Eldar Quad Gun or Icarus Lascannon Counts-As Conversion

February 12, 2013

Eldar Quad Gun or Icarus Lascannon (or whatever I want to call it) Counts-As Conversion


Having been annihilated by a chaos hell drake in a tournament late last year, I decided that anti-air was the sport of the future.


I used (I don’t imagine you’ll be making this):

  • Two of the ‘antenna’ pieces from the oop wraithlord (the walking egg of doom)
  • The ‘pelvis’ from the oop wraithlord
  • The crystal from the oop fire prism
  • Four ‘shields’ from the oop war-walker (the ones on the sides)
  • Other stuff

The original concept included a gunner, but that was because I was under the misguided impression that the emplacement came, ‘manned’.  I eventually abandoned it—not because of the rules, but because I was not successful in getting the angle of the gunner’s chair to match the angle of the long axis of the weapons.  I decided to go with three weapons for two reasons; first, it made the construction simpler (the ‘pelvis’ works for three but is a stretch for four), second, I will not be ‘stuck’ with a quad gun if I decide I want an Icarus lascannon.  Three barrels lets me say, “oh yeah, the beams converge into one…”.


I used a power drill and 1/16” bits for pinning and a flexible epoxy (?) glue that stays loose enough to allow for small adjustments, but sets after a few days (weeks).  I added one weapon at a time over a few days.  Green stuff helped lock everything together.


The crystal from the fire prism had to be cut down, and I put a large hole in the base as well to accommodate it.


Losing the gunner is actually an improvement.  Semi-finished painting pictures below (my Eldar are not pretty, they just returned from the Eye of Terror–with surprisingly current weapons and tactics though…):





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