Eldar Aegis Defense Line Conversion

February 12, 2013

Eldar Aegis Defense Line (On the Cheap)

I used:

  • REALLY thin plasticard (white)
  • REALLY thin clear plasticard
  • Rectangular plasticard ‘rods’
  • Clothespins, pencil, sharpie, scissors, tape, etc.

Inspired by:


Which is plexi heated to pliability and then shaped (I can’t remember where I got it the picture, but I love it [April, 2014 EDIT: I got it from HERE!]), I set out to make my own version.

Having made some forge-world corsair knock off swooping hawk wings a few weeks prior (another post), I decided to go thin.  After a mock up using round plasticard tube (nightmare to glue) and some relatively stiff clear plasticard, I confirmed the concept and decided to go even thinner.  Multiple references to dimensions of the ‘official’ defense line cross-checked, I laid out the templates:


The template at the top of the picture is for the clear plasticard.  I made the base template first, then found the total length needed for the ‘wall’.  Once done and taped down, I used a thin sharpie to trace the reference lines (plasticard was thin enough to trace over) and set to cutting (scissors, y’all).


With all the bases (and walls) cut, I glued the rectangular plasticard pieces—standing tall—to the bases and let them cure.  I then primed the bases (from ‘behind’ the wall to keep paint off the gluing surface) and glued the clear plasticard parts to them.  I used clothes pins (and a stray bulldog clip) to keep them in place.  To finish; sand-box sand, a dark wash, a bit of drybrushing, and some flocking.  Also, I went over the edge of the wall with a black sharpie.


NOTE:  If I had it to do over again, I would have started by gluing in the middle of the arc instead of at one end (see above).  This would have promoted a more continuous curve than what I got.  It’s not too noticeable on the larger pieces, but is VERY obvious on the small ones.  If I was a perfectionist, I’d be doing them over.  I’m not though, so I won’t.

NOTE 2:  I would also leave a bit more of the base in front of the wall, to make it easier to put basing on it.  I left the front un-painted to make sure the glue would hold, so it really needs to be based.

NOTE 3:  Finally, incorporating an Eldar field generator would have been awesome.

At a tournament in February, the defense line got far more in compliments than I spent time, money or effort on it, so that’s a huge return on the investment.  It also kept my squishies and my artillery alive long enough to take 3rd in a 4-round, 16 man tournament (army list elsewhere).  Semi-finished pictures below:


Kit-bashed Eldar Anti-Flyer gun (on the left—another post) and counts-as D-Cannons artillery.



3 Responses to “Eldar Aegis Defense Line Conversion”

  1. Ryan Hinton Says:

    This is very cool I with see if I can add this to my idea for a sky pad. Thanks.

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