1500 Point Eldar Army List

February 12, 2013

Tournament Record:  3rd place out of 16


 Farseer:  Eldrad Uthran

  2. Shuriken Pistol, Witchblade, Runes of Warding, Runes of Witnessing, Ghosthelm, Spirit Stones
  3. Divination: Reposition 1+D3 units after deployment
  4. TOTAL:  210


10 Dire Avengers

  1. Wave Serpent, Eldar Missile Launchers
  2. Exarch, Blade Storm, 2 Shuriken Catapults
  3. TOTAL:  275

10 Dire Avengers

  1. Wave Serpent, Eldar Missile Launchers
  2. Exarch, Blade Storm, 2 Shuriken Catapults
  3. TOTAL:  275

12 guardians

  1. Scatter Laser
  2. Warlock, Embolden
  3. TOTAL:  141

1 Squadron of 4 Jetbikes

  1. TOTAL:  88


Fire Prism

  1. TOTAL:  115

Fire Prism

  1. TOTAL:  115

1 Battery of 3 Distortion Cannons

  1. Warlock, Embolden
  2. TOTAL:  180


Aegis Defense Line

  1. Quad Gun
  2. TOTAL:  100



February 9, 2013 Battle (Tournament) Report

Big Crapshoot at Fire for Effect Games in Oshkosh, WI

A word about the store and TDs (tournament directors):  The store is awesome.  The tables are great.  Kevin and Adam run a good tournament and handle difficult, obscure, obtuse, and sometimes insane questions about 40K rules with calm certitude.  The door prizes are more than generous.  They’re running a tournament at OshCon in May (?); I look forward to going.

The Tournament:  Four Rounds; Emperor’s Will, Crusade, Purge the Alien, Line Breaker, First Blood, Slay the Warlord all in effect in each round.  Three objectives for Crusade (whichever player controls more—not the majority—objectives takes the ‘points’).  Winning the various missions gives a certain number of points to the player.  The value of each mission is different in every round.  Each round has a maximum number of 12 points.

My Army: 1500 Point Semi-Mechanized (see list in ‘Army Lists’)

Round 1: Hammer and Anvil, Mysterious Forests (Ironwood)—I go second/last

I drew a player with a berserker (World Eaters) list just returning to the game after a couple of years off.  Although he was not thoroughly familiar with the new rules (wound allocation in particular), and did not seem to have optimized his list, he didn’t lose because of that.  He lost because he failed his charge rolls in the second turn.

The fact that we rolled Ironwood for the ‘forests’ prevented his predator from doing much to anything and kept my guardians extra-safe (he had no template weapons).  With his Land Raider immobilized (on its own; chaos can’t drive y’all) on turn two, all of his models were out in the open and 2/3 of them in the middle of the board.  While he had two units in range to charge, they both failed.  My Distortion cannons evaporated most of one unit, a twin-linked pie plate from my Fire Prism crippled the other, and I think I lol-stormed the third.

My Guardian Jetbike unit (VERY useful in a tournament with multiple control/contest victory conditions) put the nail in the coffin by giving me Line Breaker and controlling his Emperor’s Will objective.

Having been tabled in my first game back from MY time off, I shouldn’t have been surprised to (virtually) do the same to my first opponent in HIS first game back.  He was a good sport though and laughed it off.

I took all the possible points (12).

Round 2: Dawn of War, The scouring (Neither of us had fast attack units…)—I go second/last

I played ANOTHER chaos army this round and again it was a themed army sans hell drake (my lucky day).  My opponent, who I had lost to in the tournament last year, had Abaddon on the field, but when my distortion cannons obliterated his squad of terminators, the victory was already in sight.

However, the game wasn’t without its complications:  I had chosen the location of my Emperor’s Will objective poorly.  A squad of obliterators (and his terminators, before I destroyed them) deployed directly across from it; I abandoned it early and resolved to win the rest of the points.  As Abaddon and the obliterators approached from my left flank, I moved everything I could over to the right.

In the end, I lost my distortion cannons and the squad of guardians (and everything else Abaddon touched).  I managed to take the Crusade points and to contest his Emperor’s Will objective so neither of us got those.  I got six or eight points for the round.

Round 3: Vanguard, Mysterious Forests (Nothing of Note)—I go FIRST 😦

I play yet ANOTHER chaos army and still don’t see a flyer.  However, this player (also having won his first two games) had a nurgle-nurgle list of nurgleness, marks everywhere and (surprise surprise) chaos marines on motorcycles with the mark of nurgle…toughness 6 anyone?  Two nurgley-squads in rhinos and a nurgley unit of raptors, two obliterators and a blob of cultists rounded out his list.  Brutal.

It took four rounds of shooting to whittle the bike squad down, and his lord (also on a bike) still got into close combat and killed everything he touched.  In turn seven, after three rounds of combat, Eldrad finally kills him.  If Eldrad didn’t have Misfortune and Precognition up, he’d have lost in the first round.

I’m no fan of Vanguard deployment.  I’m not a big fan of a 4+ ‘jink’ save for bikes that go flat out either, particularly when coupled with toughness 6 and feel no pain.  C’est la vie.  Also, in games like these, it is very important to go second/last.

I get two points for the round.

Round 4:  Dawn of War, Big Guns Never Tire—I go second/last

Finally a non-chaos army, I play imperial guard this time.  And whaddya know, he has two flyers (three twin-linked lascannons on each…).  He turtles up behind his defense line, and I TRY to turtle up behind mine, thinking to dash out into no-man’s land at the end of the game.

Turn one could have been a disaster—his chemical fire hell hound runs up alongside my artillery.  I lose two men, no guns.  Things go like that all game.  Things look bad, but turn out ok.  Things look fine, but go horribly wrong.  Like Eldrad and SIX dire avengers running off the board.  Or like my Eldar shooting that sweet-sweet armour value 10 rear end of his valkyrie and making it explode—10 rolls to wound the occupants and not a single 1.  Everyone inside dies.

In the end, victory within my grasp, my misunderstanding of the Big Guns Never Tire conditions result in poor decisions and a loss.  I thought vehicles could NEVER be scoring units, that it was just heavy support units (devastators, obliterators, dark reapers, etc.) that became scoring.  I let one of my fire prisms get blown up for no real compensation.  Intoxicated by blowing up a flyer, I had a squad of guardians shoot at a hovering (full bs! Omgsh) valkyrie’s rear hatch instead of running toward an objective (they never make it).  And in the final turn (five), instead of moving my OTHER fire prism flat-out to get to an objective marker, I took one last shot at a leman russ.

I deserved to lose, but I still managed to get Line Breaker (go go Jetbikes), First Blood and Emperor’s will.  Unfortunately, Purge the Alien, Slay the Warlord, and Crusade were more than enough points for my opponent to take the win.



I was COMPLETELY surprised to take 3rd Place overall (26 accumulated points y’all).  I’m used to chess tournaments; lose a game and you’re cooked.  Turns out that f I’d won my last game (i.e. not been a bonehead), I probably would have taken first.  Crazy.  I’m doubly resolved to be familiar with all the scoring scenarios.  Also, despite doing very well with the distortion cannons, I still forgot that they gained the ‘pinning’ rule in sixth edition….

Awarded a door prize (I think they handed out six, maybe more), I picked up a squad of Harlequin.  I have ideas for a procession of the dead (wraithguard and harlequins)—a festive funeral march or something.

Eldar Quad Gun or Icarus Lascannon (or whatever I want to call it) Counts-As Conversion


Having been annihilated by a chaos hell drake in a tournament late last year, I decided that anti-air was the sport of the future.


I used (I don’t imagine you’ll be making this):

  • Two of the ‘antenna’ pieces from the oop wraithlord (the walking egg of doom)
  • The ‘pelvis’ from the oop wraithlord
  • The crystal from the oop fire prism
  • Four ‘shields’ from the oop war-walker (the ones on the sides)
  • Other stuff

The original concept included a gunner, but that was because I was under the misguided impression that the emplacement came, ‘manned’.  I eventually abandoned it—not because of the rules, but because I was not successful in getting the angle of the gunner’s chair to match the angle of the long axis of the weapons.  I decided to go with three weapons for two reasons; first, it made the construction simpler (the ‘pelvis’ works for three but is a stretch for four), second, I will not be ‘stuck’ with a quad gun if I decide I want an Icarus lascannon.  Three barrels lets me say, “oh yeah, the beams converge into one…”.


I used a power drill and 1/16” bits for pinning and a flexible epoxy (?) glue that stays loose enough to allow for small adjustments, but sets after a few days (weeks).  I added one weapon at a time over a few days.  Green stuff helped lock everything together.


The crystal from the fire prism had to be cut down, and I put a large hole in the base as well to accommodate it.


Losing the gunner is actually an improvement.  Semi-finished painting pictures below (my Eldar are not pretty, they just returned from the Eye of Terror–with surprisingly current weapons and tactics though…):




Eldar Swooping Hawk (corsair knock-off) Conversion

You will need:

  • Very thin plasticard
  • Pencil, scissors, glue, etc.

Inspired by a press-mold knock-off of the Forge World corsair wings (made by the From the Warp guy),

From the Warp's conversion.

From the Warp’s conversion.

and further motivated by the ludicrous cost of Swooping Hawks (real money, not point values—but for what you get, they are ridiculously over-priced in the codex as well), I decided to see if I could make some passable conversions.

After some fruitless (pointless) research into dragonfly wings, I settled on a pattern:


I decided to sandwich the ‘blade’ of the wing between two ‘arms’.  I cut out a master template, then traced it onto plasticard (enough for 10 Swooping Hawks) and set to cutting.


Once I had a pair done (and glued up), I examined how best (i.e. easiest) to attach them to the guardians I was converting.  They were very cheap off of ebay, so I didn’t mind hacking them up in the least.  The wings needed to look like they were actually integrated into the backpack, the shuriken catapult (slingshot more like, amirite?) needed to be converted to a lasblaster, and they needed something else to set them apart from regular guardians.  I also needed an exarch.  I can’t sculpt for anything, so that was out.  My solution to the wing/backpack problem required cutting part of the back-pack off of the guardian.  I used flush-cutting pliers and left the TOP of the backpack untouched.  I also needed to cut notches into the top/bottom of where the wings join:


My solution to the shuriken/lasblaster problem (I SWEAR I’ve seen this catapult-sandwich conversion in a White Dwarf):



My solution to the ‘needs something else to look different’ problem (grenade pack as tail feathers).  Also notice the simple green stuff work:



My solution for the exarch and sunrifle (dire avenger catapult with shuriken cannon on top):


Semi-finished painting pictures:



Eldar Aegis Defense Line (On the Cheap)

I used:

  • REALLY thin plasticard (white)
  • REALLY thin clear plasticard
  • Rectangular plasticard ‘rods’
  • Clothespins, pencil, sharpie, scissors, tape, etc.

Inspired by:


Which is plexi heated to pliability and then shaped (I can’t remember where I got it the picture, but I love it [April, 2014 EDIT: I got it from HERE!]), I set out to make my own version.

Having made some forge-world corsair knock off swooping hawk wings a few weeks prior (another post), I decided to go thin.  After a mock up using round plasticard tube (nightmare to glue) and some relatively stiff clear plasticard, I confirmed the concept and decided to go even thinner.  Multiple references to dimensions of the ‘official’ defense line cross-checked, I laid out the templates:


The template at the top of the picture is for the clear plasticard.  I made the base template first, then found the total length needed for the ‘wall’.  Once done and taped down, I used a thin sharpie to trace the reference lines (plasticard was thin enough to trace over) and set to cutting (scissors, y’all).


With all the bases (and walls) cut, I glued the rectangular plasticard pieces—standing tall—to the bases and let them cure.  I then primed the bases (from ‘behind’ the wall to keep paint off the gluing surface) and glued the clear plasticard parts to them.  I used clothes pins (and a stray bulldog clip) to keep them in place.  To finish; sand-box sand, a dark wash, a bit of drybrushing, and some flocking.  Also, I went over the edge of the wall with a black sharpie.


NOTE:  If I had it to do over again, I would have started by gluing in the middle of the arc instead of at one end (see above).  This would have promoted a more continuous curve than what I got.  It’s not too noticeable on the larger pieces, but is VERY obvious on the small ones.  If I was a perfectionist, I’d be doing them over.  I’m not though, so I won’t.

NOTE 2:  I would also leave a bit more of the base in front of the wall, to make it easier to put basing on it.  I left the front un-painted to make sure the glue would hold, so it really needs to be based.

NOTE 3:  Finally, incorporating an Eldar field generator would have been awesome.

At a tournament in February, the defense line got far more in compliments than I spent time, money or effort on it, so that’s a huge return on the investment.  It also kept my squishies and my artillery alive long enough to take 3rd in a 4-round, 16 man tournament (army list elsewhere).  Semi-finished pictures below:


Kit-bashed Eldar Anti-Flyer gun (on the left—another post) and counts-as D-Cannons artillery.