So…I played my Tau ‘knight’ in a few games before the new codex dropped, along with the new Gargantuan Creature known as the Storm Surge. I took an immediate dislike to the model (aesthetically and, perhaps more importantly, financially). After playing in a tournament without fielding a Storm Surge, I decided my Tau need one. So, here I am, re-envisioning the ‘knight’ as a Storm Surge:


16 missile pods represent the Storm Surge’s rocket launchers. 4 seeker missiles (new style) on drones represent the 4 Destroyer missiles.


The twin-linked Burst Cannon and twin-linked Smart Missile System.


A closer look at the Destroyer Missile Drones (just made that up) and the rocket pods.

Thanks for looking!

This mini brought to you by 40K ADD! I had bits lying about and didn’t want to paint anything that was actually supposed to be painted…. Here’s what he looked like to begin with:

sniper 2


Sniper 1

As you can see, he’s comprised from all sorts of random bits! I made a ‘belt’ above his actual belt to help marry the torso to the legs (legs don’t have a socket for the torso to sit in, so I had to fill the gap. Here’s what he looks like finished:



I played him as a Vindicare last week and one-shot Ezekiel (the Dark Angels guy) when I hit him with a Turbo-Penetrator round and he declined to Look-Out-Sir and then failed his Invulnerable! 🙂

And here’s how he looks in terrain:




Got a chance to put the ‘Knight’ on the table (play it) AND to stand it next to an actual Crusader. Not too shabby. Pic makes it pretty obvious that it will give up a lot more AV12 Side Armor shots than the official Knight.

side by side with crusader


So, when I started building this, the Knight Crusader didn’t exist. This is my attempt: The main gun is either the rapid-fire battle cannon or the thermal cannon. The heavy burst cannon is the avenger gatling cannon (side note: Word Press thinks ‘gatling’ is spelled wrong). The air-fragmentation thing (that no one ever takes) is going to be the heavy flamer for the time being. I’m thinking about using flamer bits to convert something more appropriate. And the missile pods are the heavy stubbers.

Does it work? Good enough? In case you’re wondering: Yes, it’s sitting on a trivet on my stove top. Best light-box ever?



Still haven’t resolved the close-combat weapons to my satisfaction, but I don’t have the bits on hand to do what I think I want to do in any case. Color Scheme is going to be black/brown/yellow with metal bits.

The pics:















I am totally supposed to be painting Warp Spiders for a tournament this weekend. Here’s a fine example of 40K ADD:




So many odd bits lying about… >.<


So…getting incrementally (choose a very small increment) closer to finishing the build. Here are the top-plates for the feet. Guess what they are?




Give up? It’s the rear hatch of a Wave Serpent.